{Papillon} The spicy little radish!

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2021-02-28 17:25:43
Group Notice

The radish are available down in the store for those of you that were interested in them =)  A notecard is included that lists the traits.   The hoppers that were supposed to go with them aren't ready just yet, but I don't see any reason to keep sitting on the radish when they're actually done.  Enjoy, and have fun~

Radishes are visibly different based on mood.  Mood affects initial size and scale (some radishes are plumper than others), and it affects their base leaf textures.  Mood also affects the texture of the radish's magical circles if they possess one of the body mutations that makes a magical circle appear under them.

Radishs are spicy!  They provide energy for embers (as per an Elemental-class) based on size, ranging up to Tier-18 for the most spicy of radishes.  The range of the spicy energy is based on the Radish's size, similar to Bonsai.  This can be enabled and disabled with Work and Don't.Work.  The spiciness of the radish also adds a small amount to its nutritional value, and towards mutation% -- this bonus is displayed on seedlings as an additional (+%) on the seedling's hovertext.

Spicy ranges from Mild (+0.0%) to Inferno (+2.0%) and progresses just like any other trait:
Mild -> Tepid -> Spicy -> Tangy -> Hot -> Torrid -> Fiery -> Burning -> Blazing -> Scorching -> Inferno


Radish Sizes:

Baby -> Pygmy -> Dwarf -> Diminutive -> Tiny -> Small -> Medium -> Large -> Giant -> 
Enormous -> Grandiose -> Colossal -> Titanic

Dwarf can unlock Pygmy!
Titanic can unlock Mondo!
Mondo can unlock Gargantuan!


The radiance of radishes has been rebalanced and the steady increase has been leveled out to support the two new plant radiances.
Radish Radiances:

Normal -> Dull -> Pale -> Soft -> Strong -> Bright -> Intense -> Radiant -> Dazzling -> Luminous

Luminous can unlock Shining!
Shining can unlock Sparkling!


Leaf/Body Mutations:

Eternal, Energized, Delicious, Healthy
LLight, LDark, LDarkest, LTinted, LGlowing, LGlass, LInverted, LShiny
LRainbowA through LRainbowZ

Energized can unlock Lunar and Solar!
Delicious can unlock Healthy!
20%+ can unlock Monster and Perfect!
Eternal can unlock Bountiful and Enchanted (tinted magic circle)!
Enchanted can unlock Magical!
Magical can unlock Ensorcelled (rainbow magic circle)!
Ensorcelled can unlock Bewitched (double-rainbow circle)!
Bewitched can unlock Eerie (double rainbow circle and rainbowy leaves)!
Bountiful can unlock Plentiful and Lavish!
Monster can unlock Behemoth!
Behemoth can unlock Titan!


Radish/Wing Mutations:

RainbowA through RainbowZ, RainbowAA through RainbowAD
Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, Alabaster, Obsidian
Amber, Charoite, Moonstone, Jade, Bloodstone, Quartz, Glass
Earth, Forest, Ocean, Sky, Fire, Sunset, Dawn, Dusk, Midnight, Shiny
CracksA, CracksB, HoleA, HoleB, Fabric, Distorted
SpottedA through SpottedD
SpeckledA through SpeckledD
RunedA through RunedH

Runed* can unlock EtchedA through EtchedG!
Spotted* can unlock DottedA through DottedD!


 Ring* unlocks MagicalA to MagicalJ (Rainbow Magic Circle)
 Magical* unlocks EerieA to EerieJ (Rainbow Magic Circle + Animated Orbiter)

Annnnd of course all of the usual v18 Particle mutations!