{Papillon} Louder pets!

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2021-02-27 21:41:23
Group Notice

So, I decided to make an amplifier that takes the pet bonuses around it and spreads them around the entire sim.  Normally pets only affect a 20-meter, or 50-meter area depending on their class.  This isn't a problem for most people, but for those with larger gardens that exceed 20-Meters, the amplifier can save on prims and scripts from having to place pets at different points to make sure that those bonuses spread out.  It is available down in the store for L$99 for anyone that happens to need one.

The amplifier collects bonuses from your pets, and only your pets, and echos those bonuses throughout the sim.  This allows you to only have one set of boosting pets out instead of multiple sets to cover different areas.  Only the bonuses from pets are collected and distributed.  The bonuses do not overlap -- multiple amplifiers will have no additional effect other than potentially applying the bonuses more quickly instead of every few minutes.  Pets maintain their bonuses for several hours, so there is no need for this constant spam from multiple amplifiers.

The 'Stats' option on the Amplifier's blue-menu will allow you to see what bonuses it has specifically learned from other pets.  Bonuses from moon pools, trumpeters, and other sources are not recorded by the Amplifier -- only bonuses learned from a pet.  The pets do not constantly spam out bonuses, so it may take an hour or two before it learns all of the bonuses from the pets that it can hear.  

The Amplifier is Sim-Wide, and provides a bonus equal to the highest-tier bonus that it has discovered. The amplifier resets every day, requiring the pets to remain near it in order for it to maintain the sim-wide bonuses indefinitely.

The Amplifier's (x) will change to (√) once it has learned a bonus.

Morale (x)
Loyalty (x)
Health (x)
Tend Plant (x)
Mutagen (x)
Mating Speed (x)
Longevity (x)
Motivation (x)
Social (x)
Light (x)
Theurge (x)
Wisp Energy (x)
Ember Energy (x)
Sorcerous (x)