{Papillon} Hopping hoppers!

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2021-03-04 20:51:33
Group Notice

The hoppers have been released down in the main store.  As with any release, it may be a good idea to wait a day or so before buying too many of them just in case someone spots a problem that I missed!  The Enchanted Forge and supporting accessories will be released in a few days to let you craft gear for them =)

Hoppers have 14 eye patterns ranging from Light and DarkG, to Light and DarkG.  The eye pattern progression is the same as any other trait progression.   Hoppers have their color tint on their eyes.

LightA ->  LightB -> LightC -> LightD -> LightE -> LightF -> LightG -> LightF
DarkA -> DarkB -> DarkC -> DarkD -> DarkE -> DarkF -> DarkG -> DarkF

Swirl, and No.Swirl on the control HUD will enable and disable eye blinking.
A hopper's spot pattern is based on their class, with a classless hopper also lacking spots.


Similar to the alien snails, the hopper types are really just based on the first two letter, which is the same as what shows up on their eggs.  A H'yet is simply an "H-Y" for all intents and purposes.  A hopper's Type affects its base body texture, which
tends to grow darker as the rarity increases.

Hopper Types:

Very Common:   H'yet, H'wan, H'zig, H'rom
Common:   K'nan, K'vop, K'rew, K'iag
Uncommon:   M'een, M'oot, M'ies
Rare:   P'aan,  P'iik, P'yiv
Very Rare:   R'aes, R'ief, R'yot
Legendary:   T'eoh, T'ian, T'ayz


Hopper Sizes:

Baby -> Pygmy -> Dwarf -> Diminutive -> Tiny -> Small -> Medium -> Large ->
Giant -> Enormous -> Grandiose -> Colossal -> Titanic -> Mondo -> Gargantuan

Titanic can unlock Mondo!
Mondo can unlock Gargantuan!


Hopper Radiances:

Dull -> Soft -> Normal -> Strong -> Bright -> Intense -> Radiant -> Dazzling -> Luminous

Luminous can unlock Shining!
Shining can unlock Sparkling!


Hopper Body Mutations:

Tinted, Glowing, InvertedA, InvertedB, Gold, Silver, Chrome, NaturalA, NaturalB, NaturalC
CamouflageA and CamouflageB, GlassA, GlassB, RainbowA, SLight, STinted,
DarterA through DarterI (Vividly Colorful)
Immortal (Regenerates life in combat)
Mighty (Increased physical combat power)
Magical (Increased magical combat power)

STinted and SRainbow* can unlock BRainbowB through BRainbowZ

20%+ can unlock Monster
Monster can unlock Behemoth
Behemoth can unlock Titan
Immortal can unlock Perpetual (Regenerates life in combat)

As well as all of the usual v18 body traits!


Hopper Eye Mutations:

RainbowA, Forest, Fire, Earth, Ocean, Sky, Dusk, Dawn, Sunset, Midnight
Whiteout, Blackout, Dark, HypnoticA, HypnoticB
Candy, Lemon, Watermelon, Magical, Cat, Goat, RainbowA
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, Jade, Charoite, Amber, Moonstone, Bloodstone

Rainbow* can unlock RainbowB through RainbowAN
Rainbow* can unlock HaloA through HaloD

Magical can unlock EnchantedA through EnchantedN
Enchanted can unlock BewitchedA through BewitchedN

 Ring* unlocks MagicalA to MagicalJ (Rainbow Magic Circle)
 Magical* unlocks EerieA to EerieJ (Rainbow Magic Circle + Animated Orbiter)
Annnnd of course all of the usual v18 particle mutations!                

I did a huge rework on the particles to slim down the scripts and cut a couple of them out.  This will inevitably lead to some particles not showing correctly, or at all.  Please let me know if you spot one!  I'll add them back into the scripts and correct the problems as they pop up.