{Papillon} Halloween 2020 Snapshot Raffle!

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2020-10-02 16:48:47
Group Notice

The title says it all!  Please read the enclosed notecard for details, prizes, and the way to enter =)  The deadline for this snapshot raffle is Sunday, October 11th, so please get your snapshots sent to Butterfly Bellflower in the next week or so in order to enter!

I want to see your spooky gardens (or any kind of garden at all, really)!

As a prize, the snapshot picking machine will choose a handful of winners that will each win a Grand Witch's Tome that provides a never-ending high-tier Moon Pool litany to an entire sim.   One Grand Tome for each litany will be given away by the machine, meaning several winners this time around!

In order the enter the raffle, simply take a snapshot of your garden (feel free to pose in it if you want!) and submit the snapshot to Butterfly Bellflower.  Snapshots need be labeled with your name, and the word "HALLOWEEN2020", for example "Jane Doe, HALLOWEEN2020".  Snapshots need to be full permissions so that I can place copies of it in each of the snapshot pickers so that each of them can pick a winner for a Grand Tome.

You're welcome to edit the snapshots and make them as pretty as you want, add your name, or anything else that you may want to do with it.   The winners will be on display at the store for quite a while =)  Only one snapshot per person is allowed!  Everyone has an equal chance of coming away with a prize~

The deadline to enter your snapshot to the raffle is Sunday, October 11th.  Winners will be pulled the following Monday (assuming I have time).