{Papillon} Dragonfly/Firefly/Snail Emblems!

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2021-02-23 15:34:13
Group Notice

The prototypes for the dragonfly, firefly, and snail emblem boxes are in the blue box at the store.  These emblems contain a temporary cut-out icon until I find something that I like better.  They function identical to the butterfly/ladybug emblems, however, updating back to a full version of the firefly/dragonfly requires an updated v18s box that supports the backwards compatibility. 

As with any major update, it can be a good idea to let others test it for a day or three before updating tons of pets.   It sucks having to do it again a day later if someone spots a major problem that has to be corrected.


So.  I've been working on this on and off for a while, and I feel that it's ready to be tested by others.

The idea behind this project is to reduce a pet, and its necessary scripts, to the minimum primcount and script usage possible.  In the case of the flutters, this involves shrinking the pet down into a little butterfly emblem that holds all of the flutter's data and performs all of the duties that the flutter is supposed to perform, without all of the baggage that the flutters have accumulated over the years.

The Emblem update box changes the pet into a 1-prim flutter that continues to mate, work, and do its day-to-day tasks the same as it used to.  However, it does NOT show its mutations, flutter wings, etc.  It is a static object.   Since there is no need for the scripts to hold year after year of wing UUIDs and particle engines, I was able to reduce the flutter down to just three scripts and one prim.  This is a huge reduction in sim-impact overall and can potentially allow for larger breeding projects.

Statistically, the Emblem flutter operates identical to a normal flutter.  The tier/exp system, mating system, and work system in particular are 100% copy/pasted in so that the core functions remain the same.  However, the Emblem flutter will not move, orbit, or do the additional activities that a normal flutter might do.  

The end-result is about an 85% reduction in script usage and operations performed.  On sims with lots of flutters, this can free up hundreds of prims and thousands (really) of scripts with no loss of mating/productivity.

Emblem pets (I'll be doing this update to the other main pets as well, given time) still display color, radiance, and size, as well as all of the hovertext that you are used to.

This is an entirely optional update that you may try out if you wish.  You can revert the Emblem flutter back to a normal flutter by running it through the current update boxes.  This system isn't intended to replace the existing pets -- people love the pretty fluttering things =)  It's simply an option for large-scale breeders that intend to work on big projects, or breeders that are limited on prims but still want to try a breeding challenge without being limited to only a few pets out.

(Orbit and No.Orbit on the butterfly control HUD will cause the little trail of butterflies under the emblem to turn on and off)