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2021-03-07 22:54:05
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H O P P E R     C O M B A T

Hoppers are naturally frisky creatures and love to brawl with each other!  They contain a combat system that allows them to duel and practice with each other in the background, as well as a system that allows you to force a hopper to challenge another hopper...including hoppers owned by others.  These duels are all just for fun, and won't actually hurt your hopper.  If you don't want your hopper to brawl with other hoppers, you can disable the entire combat system by selecting No.Orbit from the Hopper's control HUD, and it can be re-enabled with Orbit.

A hopper can practice with another hopper every half-hour or so, but you can demand that a hopper challenge another hopper any time that you would like.  Hoppers gain experience and gold that gets sent to an Enchanted Forge (more below) when they practice with each other, but do not gain this extra experience and loot when they are forced to challenge another hopper manually.

A hopper's type, size, and class all affect the hopper's statistics, with larger and rarer hoppers gaining more benefits to their Life, Attack Rating, Damage, Defense, and Armor values.  The hopper's class determines what special abilities it has in combat and what passive traits are applied towards its statistics.  Class also affects the amount of base Life the hopper has, and how much Life it gains as it levels up within the combat system (which is separate from pet Tier).

A hopper's pet tier does affect the hopper in several ways, with older and higher-tier hoppers having a significant bonus over a newborn hopper that has just begun to brawl.  In addition, some mutations such as Behemoth, Immortal, Forcefield, Aura, Fiery, Lightning, and similar may have a special effect on your hopper's combat!

A hopper can only brawl every so often in order to gain experience and loot from the combat, so spamming Challenge over and over won't get your Hoppers any more powerful any quicker =P  Hoppers have a cooldown of ten minutes after being rezzed or updated before they can brawl again, but this does not affect direct challenges.


H O W     C O M B A T     W O R K S

Combat begins with two hoppers challenging each other, either automatically and at random, or by direct challenge.  One a hopper has accepted the challenge, both hoppers roll initiative (make a dice roll) to decide who goes first.  The timers are then randomized every combat round/tick, making it possible for a hopper two go twice in a row quickly if they get very lucky, or perhaps get stuck with a slow around.  Fate is equally fickle and punishing with regards to combat rounds.

Once a hopper's combat round begins, they make four rolls; one for their attack roll, one for their defense roll, one to determine how much of their damage is applied, and one to determine how much of their damage reduction is applied that round.  

The hopper then checks to see if any of its special abilities are performed are applied, which is random.  On average it comes down to a hopper performing some kind of special activity about one out of four combat round, though it's possible to perform two or three special actions in the same round if the hopper gets really lucky.

The hopper then determines whether or not they hit their opponent by checking their attack roll against the enemy's defense roll.  If the attack roll is higher, the hopper calculates any additional damage from elemental sources, special abilities, etc, and applies damage to its opponent.  The opponent's damage reduction/armor reduces the damage dealt to them, to a minimum of 1.

And from there it goes back and forth as they continue to roll initiative and brawl with each other!  Eventually one or the other will run out of life, and be defeated.  If the brawl was against a Monster Lair or a random battle then rewards are given out to the opponents.

The hoppers have a combat level that increases as they brawl, which increases their life and the power of their abilities.


T H E     E N C H A N T E D     F O R G E

As hoppers brawl, they gain gold as a reward for a good performance.  The winners gain more gold than the losers, but in the end all of the gold is sent to an Enchanted Forge.  The Enchanted Forge can be used to buy metals with hopper gold, which can be forged into Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Helms, and Shields that the hoppers can equip to enhance their combat stats and give them additional special abilities.   The rare the metal, the higher the base attributes of the item will be.

The exact type of item forged is random, but selecting a Weapon to be forged will always forge some kind of Weapon, and selecting Armor will always be some kind of Armor, etc.  The attributes of the forged item are affected by the tier of the forge, as well as the skill of the crafter.  The forge will naturally enhance in tier over time as it absorbs magic from your garden, but the skill of the crafter only gets big boosts to its experience by actually forging something.  However, you can tell the forge to practice with a piece of metal which will generate small amounts of both tier and crafter experience over time until the metal runs out, with better results from rarer metals.

Equipment forged at the Enchanted Forge can be placed in an Equipment Storage Chest, and from there transferred to your hoppers.  These Storage Chests can be traded to others like any other object.  There is also a Material Storage Chest for storing your Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamantite, and Meteoric Ore if you wish to trade those as well.

Once an item has been forged, it can also be Enchanted, which requires gemstones that Hoppers occasionally win from brawls.  Gemstones can also be earned by infusing the Enchanted Forge with an Ember's Fairytale Crystal.  Once the Forge has a gemstone, it can Enchant the item currently on the forge.  There is a chance that the enchantment fails, based on the forge's tier, but it will usually gain some kind of additional bonus as a result of the enchantment.  An item can normally only be enchanted once, but there is a small chance that it does not gain the Enchanted(☼) flag, instead gaining a lesser mark(⋆),  and can be enchanted again.  This can potentially happen more than once, allowing an item to be further enchanted over and over if you get very lucky.  The chance of this fluke is based on the skill of the crafter.

In addition to the base attributes that an item is initially crafted with, it can also possess the following enchantments:

*See image attached*

Only one Enchanted Forge can be in a garden!


M O N S T E R     L A I R

Monster lairs represent an additional way to acquire gold, valuable metals, and other resources that the Hoppers can use on the Enchanted Forge to create and enchant equipment.  A monster lair is dormant until a monster surfaces from below, creating an encounter similar to a Hopper brawl.  If the Hopper wins against the Monster Lair, the Monster Lair generates additional loot and becomes dormant again for a while.    The chance of loot is based on the difficulty of the encounter, with most weak encounters simply granting a small amount of gold, while higher difficulty encounters may even uncover very rare forging materials.

Monster Lairs increase in tier over time, with more advanced Monster Lairs generating more dangerous encounters that, in turn, are worth better rewards if they are successfully defeated.

Only one Monster Lair can be in a garden!


M U T A T I O N     C O M B A T     D A T A

Forcefield; +5 Defense Rating and occasionally negates an attack
Aura; +5 Attack Rating and occasionally forces a critical hit
Lightning; Lightning Damage/Resist
Fiery or Burning; Fire Damage/Resist
Snow*; Cold Damage/Resist
Bubb*; Poison Damage/Resist
Mighty; +1 Attack Rating, +1 Damage, +1 Might
Magical; +1 Defense Rating, +1 Damage Reduction, +1 Magic
Immortal or Perpetual; Regeneration
Monster; +2 Life, +1 Damage
Behemoth; +5 Life, +2 Damage
Titan; +7 Life, +3 Damage