{Papillon} Snail v18l fix/edit...

2019-07-21 20:25:52
Group Notice

I made a few edits and fixes to the snails to correct little glitches here and there, and added a few mutations along with unlocking an even bigger size category for them.  Feel free to peek at the notecard for changes.  The snail update box is in the green box at the store, but as usual, if you have lots of snails it is a good idea to wait a day before updating to see if anyone spots any more problems.

{Papillon} Alien Flower/Glowshroom Experimental v18 glitch!

2019-08-01 17:07:02
Group Notice

If you were brave and updated to the experimental v18 Alien Flower/Glowshroom edit...well, there's a problem.  Apparently the Golems are stuffing them SO full of potting soil that they're exploding! (stack-heap)  They should be able to be re-rezzed, and updated (to v18c) just fine once the F+3000 or so units of potting soil are cleared out.   I can only imagine a mound of potting soil as high as the clouds raising up the flowers to reach the sky...

{Papillon} Magical Circles! Oops! =(

2019-08-01 15:55:56
Group Notice

There is a permissions error on some of the contents of the Summoning Circle (including the candy), meaning that you can only rez one.  The circle itself is functionally fine, but it will limit you to one Candy until you update.  You can find the update down in the store (click the big circle).  It will save your progress and remember what circles/runestones you have already loaded in.  This update isn't immediately necessary unless you want easy candy before you unlock actual rituals and ranks.

ADDED: [15:00] Butterfly Bellflower: I also added a ritual to relax your pets in that circle update (for one ♦).

{Papillon} Magical Circles, and Summoning Circles!

2019-08-01 17:41:22
Group Notice

My latest project in cleaning up prims and scripts is complete!  These circles will replace all of your enchanted circles and runestones that you have acquired from the stockings.  The Circles learn your existing bonuses much like a Trumpeter and allow you to pick up all of those circles that you had laying around.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details =)

{Papillon} Those lazy butterfly saints!

2019-07-31 21:22:53
Group Notice

As it turns out, the butterfly Saints are under-performing.  They are generating light at a significantly lower-tier than intended, and the Golems are also under-performing a bit.  There is a v18f update box for the Butterfly available in the red box at the store.  This update -only- changes the productivity of a few classes and has nothing added.  It is entirely optional.

{Papillon} Problems with Magic Frond [Conjurer+Honeysuckle]!

2019-07-31 20:53:43
Group Notice

There is a serious problem with the special Magical Fronds that were rewarded from completing the harder Frond challenge.  It is causing significant lag, especially in gardens that have more than one out.  The base Magical Frond, and the combined Glowshroom are unaffected.   If you have a Magical Frond with [Fairy Honeysuckle], [Conjurer], or both in the name, please contact Butterfly Bellflower for a replacement.

{Papillon} The pretty little shells!

2019-07-27 20:27:49
Group Notice

The shell are finally finished and are available in the store.  As usual with any release, it's often a good idea to wait a day or so before buying lots of them just in case someone spots a glitch.

Wisps Second Update v18b

2019-07-27 17:11:23
Group Chat

There are a few cosmetic fixes and the wisp's collection rate (faster) that Butterfly fixed. If you grabbed v18a you may want to head back to the store and pick up v18b. Happy updating!

{Papillon} Special test edit!

2019-07-25 21:06:03
Group Notice

A special set of edits have been made to several of the recent plant types to allow the owners to enable, or disable the productivity of your plants to reduce lag and allow for more breeding to take place.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details on this edit; these edits do not add any mutations or change the reproductive routines of your plants.

{Papillon} Wisp v18a Update

2019-07-25 00:00:00
Official Notecard

The Will o' Wisps have been upgraded to v18 with all of the bonuses and changes associated with the v18 updates, including a nexus collector and dedicated channel on the freshly updated control HUD.

The Wisp config menu now has a Swirl option that allows them to spin and swirl around, regardless of whether or not the Wisp is able to move.

The Wisp config menu now has a Glow option to turn on, or turn off, the innate glow of the Wisp to help people that are sensitive to the bright glow associated with many of  the Papillon products.

The Wisp config menu now has a Trail option to turn on, or off, the trailing particles that a Wisp leaves as it moves.

The default Wisp "moods" have been entirely replaced with a set of additional jobs that any Wisp may potentially get after being born into v18.  The Will o Wisp default additional job does nothing special, but the following special additional jobs have several affects within your garden:

Seedgrower; occasionally enhances the chance of plants creating Seedlings
Stormcaller; occasionally calls in Rain and Mist (replacing Misting Bottles)
Lightbringer; occasionally creates Light and Motivates pets (Assassin bonus)
Starchaser; occasionally generates Wisp and Ember energy
Windseeker; occasionally enhances both Mutation% and Full Mutation Chance
Luckbinder; occasionally creates bursts of Morale and Loyalty
Hopefinder; occasionally generates Longevity and speeds up Mating Speed
Greenkeeper; occasionally Weeds your garden and Waters your plants
Nightstalker; occasionally generates Moonlight for Moon Pools and Purifies them
Daystrider; occasionally generates Sunlight for Moon Pools and Purifies them
Treespeaker; occasionally provides Bonsai Bonus (Tier / 3; Max +5 at Tier 15) and Prunes plants
Raindancer; occasionally spreads Rain and Waters your plants
Mistwalker; occasionally creates Mist and Tends your plants
Firestarter; occasionally creates Light and Ember energy
Waverider; occasionally spreads waters from Longevity Pool and Energy Pool
Songchanger; occasionally Motives both plants and pets
Dreamcrafter; occasionally acts as a Dreamer for a nearby pet
Bloombinder; occasionally acts as a Dreamer for a nearby plant
Shardseeker; occasionally enhances Wisp energy crystallization

The base Tier of these additional jobs is two less than the Wisp's own Tier, to a
minimum of Tier-1.  Treespeakers have a 50-meter burst at Titanic, and sim-wide
burst at Mondo or Gargantuan; all other effects are a 20-meter burst, similar to
any other pet job.

Wisps perform these additional jobs one-third as often as they perform the
duties normally associated with their class.  Because they are performing additional
duties they will also Tier-up faster than they previously would.

In my continued efforts to remove Sensors and other laggy aspects from the Papillon system, I have removed the Sensors that were previously constantly spamming from the Wisps in an attempt to find boosters, pets, and plants to gather energy from. Instead, the Wisps now wait for those boosters, pets, and plants to do their jobs within the Papillon system and gain energy from those accessories doing their job, with the same maximum cap as was applied to gaining energy from the sensor in the first place.

This will result in a different speed of gathering food and crystallizing it.  I'm not certain whether or not this will lead to slower or faster energy crystallization, but the Wisps may need need an additional update later if it proves that their energy crystallization is too slow.  If it's faster...all the better =)

I am HOPING that this will bring the Wisps in line with the other pets that generate offspring every 3-5 days.


Titanic can mutate into Mondo
Mondo can mutate into Gargantuan

20%+ Mutation chance can unlock Endless and Perfect

Eternal can unlock Immortal
Monster can unlock Behemoth
Reincarnated can unlock Possessed
Endless can unlock Perpetual



Tribal* particle extended through TribalL
Added to general list:  Ring, Forcefield, Aura, Stardrops, Glamour, DotsA, DotsB, DotsC, StarredA, StarredB, SwirlA, and SwirlB

20%+ can unlock Archmagi

Spark* can unlock Ward, Mark, and Runewords
Ward can unlock Shield
Mark can unlock Prophecy and Barrier
Barrier can unlock Guardian
Prophecy can unlock Prediction and Augury
Glyph can unlock Hymn
Runewords can unlock EncircledA, EncircledB, Thaumaturgy, Arcanum, Glyph and Emblem
Mage and Warlock can unlock Pattern and Formula
Pattern or Formula can unlock Invocation

* Fall seasonal particle mutations: Sakura, Leaves
* Halloween seasonal particle mutations: SpookyA through SpookyC, TeaseA through TeaseJ
* Winter seasonal particle mutations: Snowflakes, OrnamentA through OrnamentJ​


Rainbow* field extended throguh RainbowU*
Added to general list: Dazzle, Flash, Glamour, Stars, Splatter, Galaxy, Starburst, Luster, Nebula and Smoky

* Fall seasonal field mutations: Sakura, Leaf
* Halloween seasonal field mutations: Batty, Swarm, Spooky, Bloody
* Winter seasonal field mutations: Flakefield, FlakyA, FlakyB


Archmagi Particle Mutation can unlock the Sentinel and Golem classes
Invocation Particle Mutation can unlock Elemental
Culler can unlock Paladin
Seeker can unlock Saint
Beacon can unlock Conjurer
Dazzler can unlock Illusionist
Starling can unlock Assassin
Luminary can unlock Mystic
Guardian can unlock Enchanter