{Papillon} Tiger Lily Traits

2019-11-03 00:00:00
Official Notecard

BODY Mutations

        BRainbowA through BRainbowZ
        Eternal, Energized, Delicious, BGlowing, BGemstone, BSpottedA, BSpottedB
        Energized can unlock Lunar and Solar
        Delicious can unlock Healthy
        Rainbow* can unlock BShimmerA through BShimmerF
        Spotted* can unlock BDottedA through BDottedG
        Requires %20+
            Eternal can unlock Bountiful (10% chance of creating a second seedling when it makes a seedling)
            Bountiful can unlock Plentiful (Bountiful+BGlowing) and Lavish (Bountiful+Special Leaf Texture)                
Halloween seasonal cap mutations: BHalloweenA, BHalloweenB, BHalloweenC
Winter seasonal cap mutations: BFrozen

SPOT Mutations

    RainbowA through RainbowZ
    Dark, Glass, Alabaster, Onyx, Obsidian, Moonstone, Jade, Amber, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz
    Bloodstone, Charoite, Golden, Silver, Steel, SpottedA, SpottedB, Sunset, Dawn, Dusk, Midnight, FeatherA, FeatherB,
    CoralA, CoralB, CoralC, BurstA through BurstI

    Rainbow* can unlock NeonA through NeonD and PrismA, PrismB, and PrismC
    Spotted* can unlock DottedA through DottedH
    Dark can unlock GloomyA through GloomyD, InvertedA, InvertedB, as well as AlienA through AlienD
Halloween seasonal spot mutations: HalloweenA, HalloweenB, HalloweenC
Winter seasonal spot mutations: Frozen

PARTICLE Mutations

All of the usual plant particle mutations!

Halloween seasonal particle mutations: Bats, Ghosts, SpookyA, SpookyB, and Candy
Winter seasonal particle mutations: Snowflakes


* Halloween mutations extend through all of November
* Winter mutations begin December 1st

{Papillon} The Tiger Lily!

2019-11-03 16:02:31
Group Notice

Work on the Tiger Lily is complete, and they're available down in the store for purchase.  As with any new release, it may be a good idea to wait a day or so before purchasing a large number of them so that the crowd can spot any bugs that I may have missed =)

Mutations & The Archives

2019-09-15 23:19:53

We know that some of the mutations are missing...from the plant pages especially. Even basic ones. We're working on getting them all added in! As some of the new plants did not come equipped with a notecard there are even some mutations missing we don't know about! If you do find something missing you have please feel free to pop it onto a notecard and send it to Floofy Waffle. Even if it's something common like "Hey! Alien Flowers are missing Sparkles!" With SO many new things it's very easy for us to miss stuff. This site can't be kept up to date with out the help of the community...which we are so very, very thankful for!

Website Photos

2019-08-20 20:30:04

With all the wonderful new Papillon items coming out I have to admit keeping up with taking all the photos has been a project! If you would like to submit your own please follow these steps:

1. Advanced menu check mark "High-res snapshot".
2. In the snapshot window, save to disk following these settings: https://gyazo.com/fc50f7fc6926961e3ab4666a584b501a
3. Use a solid black background and get the item as close/centered as possible please.
4. If you're doing effects, sectioning them apart from your garden may make them easier to see.
5. Email the photo to FloofyWaffle@yahoo.com

I often have a "to be added" folder going, if you'd like to message first to make sure I haven't already photo'd the mutation please do so!

Thank you!

-Floofy Waffle

Runic Circles & Runestones

2019-08-04 22:13:58

In case anyone needs them, Butterfly has placed a pack containing 1 Runic Circle & 1 Floating Runestone for 50L at the main store. They need to be rezzed and will give a random size/type. 

Candy Stacking - M/L+50, S+15, F+10

2019-08-03 00:00:00

I tested these treats to see if the F+ bonuses stack. The diagnostic tool reported that all 6 of these treats give out their own 10 unique F+ bonuses. Whether or not the bonuses they provide while rezzed is the same has not been tested. 

{Papillon} A Delicious Chocolate Strawberry
{Papillon} A Giant Jellybean [Gift of Gold]
{Papillon} A Gift of Gold
{Papillon} A Gift of Treats
{Papillon} A...delicious...cupcape?
{Papillon} Halloween Goody Bag!

{Papillon} Updating your Summoning Circle

2019-08-01 00:00:00
Official Notecard

Step #1:  Pick up the latest version of the circle from the store. (It's free, click the big circle to receive the latest version)
Step #2:  Rez the new circle out near your old circle.
Step #3:  Click your old circle and select "Transfer" from the blue menu.
Step #4:  Click your new circle.

And you're done!  The magic and progress of your circle will be transferred to your new circle.
You will need to play with the cosmetic appearance again, but your experience and ranks will remain.

{Papillon} Magical Circles!

2019-07-31 00:00:00
Official Notecard

My magical circle project is finished, and they turned out quite nice!

The base magical circle (available for L$99) acts as a trumpeter for magical circles and runestones.  Much like the trumpeter, it learns the bonuses of these circles and runestones over time as the circles and runestones do their jobs, and stores the magic to replicate it later.  The base magical magical circle can learn all 22 of the magical circles/runestones, including the Loving circle.  This allows you to pick up/delete all of those magical circles and runestones that you may have had laying around your sim.

The base magical circle also generates Light, Energy, and Magic in small amounts.

I decided to set the magical circle at Tier-5 (Fairytale) right away, affecting a sim-wide area.   There was no reason to make people wait a few weeks to get their circle up to Fairytale just to have it sit at that rank for months or years afterwards.

The magical circle is configurable, allowing you to randomize circle types, choose colors and sizes, and change the glow to match your mood or season.

The Magical Circle/Summoning Circle itself is "Spellbound"

The full list of Circles/Runestones is: 

COMMON "Loving" -> "Apprentice" -> "Magi" -> "Circle" -> "Ward"
UNCOMMON "Marked" -> "Runic" -> "Enchanted" -> "Witch" -> "Nether"
RARE "Occult" -> "Hex" -> "Sorcery"
VERY RARE "Trinity" -> "Talisman" -> "Sealed"
INCREDIBLY RARE "Ritual" -> "Voodoo" -> "Prophecy"
ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE "Guardian" -> "Archmagi"

Advanced Version

An advanced version of the Magical Circle, a Summoning Circle, is also available.  It requires a drop of Concentrated Magic (L$499) to instill enough magic for the Summoning Circle to function.  This advanced circle grows in power over time as its Radiance and Resonance are empowered by your garden's bonuses, increasing the power of its base functions, including Light, Energy, and Magic generation.

Summoning Circles generate ranks [♦] over time, filling the empty [♢] until it reaches five total ranks.  A Summoning Circle can optimally generate roughly one [♦] per week, perhaps a little slower or faster based on your garden's own Light, Energy, and Magic generation. 

These ranks can be spent on powerful rituals, including a ritual to create the effect of Gift of Gold/Chocolate Strawberry (one ♦), a ritual that can change the gender of your pets (one ♦), a ritual to instill new mating cycles into your pets (two ♦♦ for five mating cycles), and even a ritual to make your pets live forever (Eternal, five ♦♦♦♦♦).  

The Summoning Circle is also able to summon powerful accessories to aide your garden.  One rank (♦) can be spent to summon a magical stone that acts as Myrrh+Frankincense, a magical shard that acts as a Magic Candle, a magical gemstone that acts as a Mysterious Acorn, and a magical orb that acts as Mistletoe.  The duration and power of these accessories is based on the Radiance of your circle, while the effective bonus-tier of the accessories is based on your circle's Resonance.

Summoning Circles also generate Candy over time (a piece or two each day) that can be summoned, with the bonus of the Candy based on the circle's Resonance and Radiance, to a maximum of +35 base bonus.

Summoning Circles are, unfortunately, greedy for the Light, Energy, and Magic that your garden produces.  They will not tolerate another Summoning Circle in the same garden, and will quickly gain Dissonance which prevents them from benefiting from your garden's bonuses and progressing to new ranks.  Once the source of Dissonance is removed, the Summoning Circle will gradually return to normal over a few minute's time and resume its functions.


The instructions for initializing a Summoning Circle are the same as an Ember Queen.

Step #1:  Rez the Summoning Circle
Step #2:  Rez the Concentrated Magic that came with the Summoning Circle
Step #3:  Click the Concentrated Magic  (You will see "The magic is prepared!  Please touch a magic circle!" in local chat)
Step #4:  Click the Summoning Circle  (You will see "Adding the concentrated magic to the circle!" in local chat")

And you're done!  The Summoning Circle will initialize =)  Feel free to use Config menu to make it look however you'd like.

{Papillon} Magical Circles, and Summoning Circles!

2019-07-31 22:41:32
Group Notice

My latest project in cleaning up prims and scripts is complete!  These circles will replace all of your enchanted circles and runestones that you have acquired from the stockings.  The Circles learn your existing bonuses much like a Trumpeter and allow you to pick up all of those circles that you had laying around.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details =)

{Papillon} Shell Traits

2019-07-27 00:00:00
Official Notecard

The base shell texture is affected by the mood of the shell with a different texture for each.

BODY Mutations

All of the base plant body mutations, plus (shell overlays):

    NotesA, NotesB, RunesA, RunesB, SwirlA, SwirlB, CracksA, CracksB, CracksC, CracksD, TechA, TechB, TechC, TechD
    SpeckledA, SpeckledB, SpeckledC, BlastedA, BlastedB
    Speck* unlocks SpotsA through SpotsJ
    Rune* unlocks CirclA through CircleR
Fall seasonal body mutations: BSakura
Halloween seasonal body mutations: Haunted, Bloody, Bats


SHELL Mutations

    RainbowA through RainbowZ
    PatternA through PatternZ
    ShiftA through ShiftE
    FadedA through Faded E
    PearlA through PearlE
    Ancient, Glass, Wooden, Chocolate, Dawn, Dusk, Sunset, Midnight

    Pearl* unlocks StainedA through StainedG
    Pattern* unlocks MarksA through MarkingsK
    Rainbow* unlocks HueA through HueF and PrismA through PrismF
    Glass unlocks Alabaster, Onyx, Obsidian, Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, Moonstone, Amber, Kyanite, Charoite, and Bloodstone

Fall seasonal shell mutations: SSakura
Halloween seasonal shell mutations: Halloween
Winter seasonal shell mutations: Icy


PARTICLE Mutations

All of the usual plant particle mutations, plus:
    TribalA through TribalL
    Ring, Forcefield, Aura, Stardrops, Glamour, DotsA, DotsB, DotsC, StarredA, StarredB

    Spark* unlocks Apprentice, Mage, Warlock, Runes, Runed, Rings, Trinity, Runewords, Trinity, Ward, Mark, Runewords, Sigil, Sign
    Mage or Warlock unlocks Enchanted, Circles, Pattern, and Formula
    Enchanted or Circles unlocks Witch and Nether
    Tribal* unlocks Voo and Doo; Voo or Doo can unlock Voodoo
    Runewords unlocks Thaumaturgy, Arcanum, Glyph, and Emblem
    Rune* unlocks Runii, Symbolii, and Circii
    Runii, Symbolii, or Circii unlocks Runic
    Mark unlocks Prophecy and Guardian    
    Witch unlocks Ritual
    Nether unlocks Sealed
    Trinity unlocks Hex
    Ritual or Sealed unlocks Sorcery, Talisman, and Occult
    Prophecy unlocks Prediction and Augury
    Ward unlocks Shield
    Barrier unlocks Guardian
Fall seasonal particle mutations: Sakura, and Leaves
Halloween seasonal particle mutations: Bats, Ghosts, and Blood
Winter seasonal particle mutations: Snowflakes, Twinkle