{Papillon} Poppy Gift!

2019-12-24 00:00:00
Official Notecard

The Winter 2019 poppy Starter is similar to the Snellit -- it is a cute, but not incredibly intricate breedable veggy.   It possesses sizes and radiances, but they are all 'Poppy'-type and only possess a handful of default body mutations and the standard particle mutations for v18 plants.  The poppy may be expanded later on to include more body and petal mutations if people happen to enjoy them.

Feel free to take as many Poppy starters as you would like =)

{Papillon} Holiday goodies!

2019-12-24 14:23:07
Official Notecard

The stockings have been stuffed with some holiday goodies for you all, and the naughty (and sometimes nice) tree has been placed in the store for people that want to try their luck.  There are also a couple of holiday gifts for everyone near the tree.  I'll likely stuff more goodies into the stockings and tree as we get closer to the end of the year.

Christmas 2019

2019-12-24 18:23:26

The naughty-and-nice tree! [Winter 2019]

Click to find out if you've been naughty (you'll get coal) or nice (receive a gift)!

Presents available under the tree!

Two free Christmas presents available near the naughty or nice tree!

  1. {Papillon} Winter Gift A (2019) contains {Papillon} Winter Totem
  2. {Papillon} Winter Gift B (2019) contains a Poppy starter  {Papillon} Poppy Starter notecard

{Papillon} Wisp v18d Update Notes

2019-11-07 17:42:41
Official Notecard

The wisp have gained all of the v18 system/memory updates, as well as support for the upcoming Magic Circle v1.6 update.   Some particles have been changed to attempt to make them size-better with the various wisp sizes.



The wisp have gained access to two new classes:
    Elemental (increases Ember productivity) is unlocked with Invocation Particle Mutation
    Sorcerer/Sorceress (increases Magic Circle productivity) is unlocked with the Mantra Particle Mutation


The wisp have gained access to the usual v18 particle mutations and chains in addition to the following mutations added to the general list:
Archmagi Particle Mutation can also unlock Spellbound Particle Mutation
Spellbound Particle Mutation can unlock Mantra Particle Mutation

{Papillon} An Ensorcelled Glowshroom!

2019-10-31 13:27:29
Official Notecard

I've decided to further the progress of the plant/veggy combination efforts by stuffing together the six original veggies (Pumpkin, Melon, Carrot, Strawberry, Fairy/Single/Double Shroom, and Tomato) into a plant similar to the Enchanted Glowshroom.  This special glowshroom provides the 27 racial food types (and 6 related F+1 Tomato/Berry/Carrot/Shroom/Melon/Pumpkin) of those veggies to a sim-wide area.  This allows you to pick up any of those veggies that you were keeping out just for their boosts and bonuses to further save on scripts and prims.


You may claim a free Ensorcelled Glowshroom by completing the following Fall/Winter challenge:
Collect one of each of the six very-rare racial types on six seedlings:
        +One pure-colored Sparkles, Sparkly, or Motes Particle Effect seedling of any Pumpkin, Melon, Carrot, Strawberry, Tomato, or Fairy Shroom type.
The six racial types can be on any veggy that supports those racial types, and the pure-colored entry can also count as one of the six racial types being submitted if it is also one of the very-rare racial types.  If your pure-colored+sparkles/sparkly/motes entry also possesses the Delicious or Healthy Body mutation you will receive a special upgraded Ensorcelled Glowshroom with additional qualities =)  

Entries for the challenge may be submitted to Butterfly Bellflower in a folder labeled with your name, and the word 'SHROOM2019'; for example "Jane Doe, SHROOM2019".  You are welcome to submit up to THREE separate entries to claim up to three free Ensorcelled Glowshrooms.


Everyone that claims a free Ensorcelled Glowshroom through the turn-in will also be entered into a raffle for a very special Most Magical Glowshroom that does the job of both an Ensorcelled and Enchanted Glowshroom with aaaaallllll of the special qualities that they can possess.


The base, un-upgraded Ensorcelled Glowshroom is also available down in the store (next to the Enchanted Glowshroom) for the same price.

2019 Winter Papillon Garden Tour Info

2019-12-10 05:29:41
Jack frost is coming leaves have fallen and snow is just around the corner! time for our winter  garden tour BUT not only a tour but a build contest! A little competition amongst friends is always fun right?
First and for most you MUST return your entry notecard (copy attached) to the Mail Box ?NO LATER THEN the 18th of December to take part!!!
The contest is for 1 category!
Best in theme Winter 1k Linden prize!
The Tour/Contest will run from December 22nd - December 28th!
The Winner will be announced  December 29th @ Sundays 10am Papillon Auction!
During December 22nd - December 28th there will be voting stations set up at Magical Mariposa & Forgotten Conservatory. So we encourage you to not only take part but vote for your fave garden!
As a participant no rules apply aside from making sure you have Papillon Breedables in your Garden & are entered buy the 18th of December! Anything else goes and if you like you can do raffles, gatchas, give ways ect!
Buy the 20th December you will receive a lm/notecard giver to rez out in your garden! It will include the lms to all the other gardens and the voting stations! Thats it easy as pie! Please if you do not receive one by the night of the 19th contact me! ( we had some sl issues with delivery last time)
So what are you waiting for fill out your entry notecard and happy building!
Sponsored By:
The Township of Magical Mariposa
Forgotten Conservatory

We're back! ...kinda

2019-12-10 05:21:56

*jumps once...pauses...jumps up and down a few times and makes sure there's solid ground*

Yay! Thank you all for baring with us as Aimee worked super hard to get the Archives back up and running!! Thank you Aimee! :D 

Some of the info and pictures didn't quite make the move and we have a gap in time for missing info. We're working to get all that back to normal now. 

Floofy (me) is going to hold off on taking any new pictures until after the first of the year. BUT! If you have anything you notice missing (pics, info, etc) please put it on a note card and send it on over. Will be quite helpful when we've gotten caught up to have a list of people I can poke for things. 

Thank you again!

Hugs, bugs and cookie crumbs, 

Floofy Waffle Crumb



{Papillon} Halloween Giftpack (2019)

Halloween hunt giftpack contains:

  • {Papillon} A Tiny Creepy Friend (Cosmetic)
  • {Papillon} A Tiny Creepy Friend (v2)
  • {Papillon} Creepy Fog Bank
  • {Papillon} Never-Ending Pumpkin (2019)
  • {Papillon} Spooky Totem
  • {Papillon} Spooky Totem (Cosmetic)

{Papillon} Hard-working Workers!

2011-09-30 21:57:13
Official Notecard

It's time for a contest dedicated to all of those little butterflies and fireflies that get overlooked!  The class-less fireflies, butterflies, workers, and tinkers are finally going to get their chance to shine~

Please take snapshots of your most valuable workers, tinkers, and common butterflies or fireflies, and send them to Butterfly Bellflower.

The name of the snapshot needs to include your name, the firefly or butterfly's name, and the firefly or butterfly's point-value.  For example:  'Sally Jane, Pinkie, 180 points'.   The contest will run all weekend, with the winners being posted either late sunday evening or some time monday.

The highest -value- (value is shown on the data hud, the last thing displayed) butterfly or firefly will win.  There will be at least one main winner, that will receive an ultra-rare flutter avatar as a prize as well as their choice of a seasonal butterfly, firefly, or will o' wisp.  The runner(s)-up will receive a seasonal firefly or wisp; the number of secondary winners will depend on how many entries are submitted!

Bonus points for presentation!  So feel free to use photoshop to enhance the image, or modify your local lighting settings to highlight it in any way you wanted, and feel free to include yourself and any scenery you want in the snapshot.   The actual points rewarded for 'presentation' will vary from one image to another, and is ultimately up to...well, me, but no more than 5-10 points will be added to the value of any entry.

{Papillon} Fall raffle!

2011-07-05 15:19:48
Official Notecard

As with most of our contests and events, entry requires you to take a snapshot of your favorite flutter and send it to Butterfly Bellflower.  The snapshot must be labeled with your name and the butterfly's name at the very least, and include 'Fall' somewhere in it. 

 Example:  (Fall) Jane Doe, Mister Flutters.
 As always, presentation counts!  Each person will receive at least one raffle ticket towards the prizes for entering, and up to three tickets total as a bonus for presentation and style =)  The actual butterfly submitted is entirely up to you; their point totals don't matter this time, only appearance.  So break out those pretty pinks and dazzling whites and tease me with your favorites~  Feel free to photoshop the entries and add whatever other flaire you'd like, so long as the butterfly itself is still the main focus.

There will be two winners total, with the first drawn ticket number getting their choice between a Ghostly or a Sparkling with leaf wings and their choice of leaves or sakura particles, and the second drawn ticket getting the one that wasn't chosen!