Resource Harvester

2011-06-20 03:12:34
Official Notecard

The harvesting basket is very easy to use, and is intended for taking resources from plants you don't want (for example, a lot of small plants), and transferring those resources as water/prune tokens to larger plants, redistributing the resources in the process. There -is- some loss in the process considering that the amount of water/prune tokens contains up to a 50% random factor, and that the plants themselves process water and prune tokens in a dynamic fashion.

In order to harvest resources, simply place the basket near the plants you want to harvest and click the basket to bring up its menu. Make certain that the plants are nowhere near the plants that you want to keep! The basket will harvest resources from up to 16 plants within a 10 meter area. That's right, a full ten meters in every direction. So please harvest resources -over there-, well away from the plants that you intend to keep.

The basket will display a number of tokens above it once the resources were harvested; this is a representation of the amount of tokens that will be evenly redistributed to all plants within a ten meter area of it once it is clicked again, and the Distribute option selected. The tokens will be spread around a water/prune tokens, and may end up being hundreds or even thousands of prune/water tokens. These water/prune tokens are processed by the plant on a minute-to-minute basis, and may take hours or even days to fully process if you were transferring millions of resources. Yes, water tokens CAN bring 'dead'/black plants back to life.

In short, click the basket! The menus are fairly self-explanatory. The 'Distribute' option will not appear until the basket actually has resources in it. There IS a minimum amount that can be harvested and distributed, so there's no point in bothering with plants that have less than 2500 resources left.

Just what is this 'Purified Fairy Magic'?

2016-07-06 14:42:42
Official Notecard

In order for a moon pool to blossom to life, you need a tiny drop of fairy magic that has been specially prepared just for the purpose. A purified fairy magic bottle will allow you to activate a fairy moon pool. The bottle of fairy magic will be used up in the process, but you should only need one bottle. Once activated with fairy magic, a moon pool will last forever.

In order to use the fairy magic, simply rez the moon pool and bottle of fairy magic.
Click the bottle to prepare to pour it, and then click the moon pool that you want to add it it.

That's it! Your moon pool will come to life and is ready to start gathering magic for you.

The pools are greedy and might eat them all!

Just what is this 'Moon Pool'?

2016-07-06 00:00:00
Official Notecard

You can check out our Moon Pool page for more information.


The moon pool boosts your bonsai and other pets[1].
Just having it out and alive will amplify the bonus provided by your breedable-bonsia.
Once it has magic you don't have to do anything with it if you don't want to.


Step #1: Rez the moon pool.
Step #2: Rez '{Papillon} Purified Fairy Magic'
Step #3: Click the Purified Fairy Magic -- this will get the magic ready to pour.
Step #4: Click your moon pool -- this will pour the magic into the pool.
Step #5: The fairy magic will bring the moon pool to life.

You're done. Click the moon pool from time to time if you want to interact with it.

Use the 'Gather' blue menu option to harvest all available magic. (Requires 250.0 light of one type)
Use 'the 'Magic' blue menu option to cast rituals and enchantments if need be.
Use the 'Empower' blue menu option to use all left-over magic to increase the power of your moon pool.

Tip #1: Gather and Empower it as often as possible to make the pool more powerful.
Tip #2: More powerful pools have more powerful magic that lasts longer.
Tip #3: The pool can only hold so much magic at a time before it needs to be gathered.
Tip #4: The amount of magic that it can hold increases with its tier.

A Fairy Hermit will Gather magic for you every so often so that you don't lose as much when you can't be around. It won't use the gathered magic or empower your pool, but the points will be saved for when you can get around to doing it yourself.

There is also a crudely-worked HUD that lets you more quickly cast several rituals and enchantments. Wear the HUD, click the pool that you want to interact with, and click the various magic symbols to activate the various rituals and enchantments.[2]


A moon pool is a very special pool of water that has been tended by fairies, purifying it in the process and instilling it with magical power. This beautiful, crystalline water is capable of absorbing sunlight, moonlight, and starlight, and can gather the trapped power to crystallize it into pure magical energy. The energy can then be used to cast powerful rituals and enchantments that help the fairy community as a whole.

A moon pool's overall tier affects how powerful its magic is, and how likely it is that the moon pool may create unusual, and unexpected effects. A weak moon pool may only affect a small area around it, whereas an ancient, powerful moon pool may affect the entire landscape.

The moon pool also has a separate tier for solar magic, lunar magic, and star-powered magic. Solar magic is used to create powerful rituals that last a very long time, and help the fairy community in a number of subtle ways. Star magic can be used to weave powerful enchantments that affect the fairy community dramatically, but for a shorter period of time. Lunar magic has a more immediate result, but is no less potent, often immediately healing the injured or granting them special benefices that only last a very short time.

The main threats to a moon pool are weeds, and corruption. The powerful magic of the moon pool causes all plants around it to grow with more intense life, including weeds which threaten to strangle it. The crystal-clear waters of the moon pool may also become corrupt over time, if fairies aren't present to carefully tend the precious source of its power.


The most important part of a moon pool's job is to amplify the bonuses given by a breedable bonsai! The higher the tier of a moon pool, the more of a bonus it will give to your bonsai trees[3], allowing them to exceed the +5% maximum cap for a Grand Bonsai.

Unfortunately, most of the abilities of a moon pool are fairly weak until the pool's tier increases to at least tier five or six. Until then, the enchantments and rituals will only last a few hours at most. Later on, that same fairy magic will lasts for days, or perhaps even weeks!

The only way to enhance your moon pool's power is to Gather energy, and Empower the moon pool, sacrificing that fairy magic to make the moon pool stronger. The moon pool only stores so much energy at a time, so it's a good idea to check your pool on a regular basis. A fairy hermit will do all of that for you, but he only comes out of his little acorn home every few hours to check on things.

☼ is sunlight, Ω is moonlight, ♪ is starlight.
Rituals: Ⓡ is Regeneration, Ⓦ is Warming, Ⓛ is Longevity, Ⓣ is Transmutation, Ⓔ is Evolution.
Enchantments: ⓣ is Theurgic, ⓜ is Morale, ⓛ is Loyalty, Ⓘ is Inspiration, ⓢ is Soothing.

All of the Rituals, Enchantments, and Litanies provided below have a strength relative to the moon pool's tiers.

Ritual of Regeneration -- Heals injured pets and
Ritual of Warming -- Increases the mating speed of your pets.
Ritual of Longevity -- Increases the lifespan of pets and occasionally gives away bonus mating cycles.
Ritual of Transformation -- Increases the chances of mutations in pets.
Ritual of Evolution -- Increases the chances of evolutions within your pets.

Theurgic Enchantment -- Increases the chances of full-mutations for a few hours.
Morale Enchantment -- Increases the morale of your pets!
Loyalty Enchantment -- Increases the loyalty of your pets!
Inspirational Enchantment -- Has an effect similar to assassins and fluttertraps.
Soothing Enchantment -- Increases the bonuses of pets with 'moods', including plants.

Litany of Hope -- Increases the strength of longevity-based effects.
Litany of Dreams -- Occasionally causes pets to immediately mate!
Litany of Love -- Increases the strength of caretaker-based effects.
Litany of Light -- Increases the strength of light-giving effects.
Litany of Change -- Increases the chances of mutation-giving effects.
Litany of Power -- Increases the strength of energy-giving effects.
Litany of Growth -- Accelerates the growth speed and reproduction of plants.
Litany of Purity -- Weeds and tends your garden, as well as helps to keep the moon pool clean.
Litany of Gathering -- Accelerates the rate at which the moon pool gains energy.


Tier 1 -- "Tiny Mana Spring"
Tier 2 -- "Small Mana Spring"
Tier 3 -- "Mana Spring"
Tier 4 -- "Mana Fountain"
Tier 5 -- "Minor Fairy Pool"
Tier 6 -- "Lesser Fairy Pool"
Tier 7 -- "Fairy Pool"
Tier 8 -- "Greater Fairy Pool"
Tier 9 -- "Major Fairy Pool",
Tier 10 -- "Enchanted Fairy Spring"
Tier 11 -- "Enchanted Fairy Pool"
Tier 12 -- "Enchanted Fairy Pond"
Tier 13+ -- "Grand Fairy Moon Pool"

Tier-1, Whisper Range (10 meter burst)
Tier-2 through Tier 5, Say Range (20 meter burst)
Tier-6 through Tier 9, Shout Range (100 meter burst)
Tier-10+, Regional (Full-Sim burst)

Each point of sunlight, starlight, and moonlight requires 250.0 collected energy in the respective fields. Each ritual, enchantment, and spell requires a point of gathered sunlight, moonlight, or starlight.

If you already have a tree, the moon pool won't help you until it is tier-5 or higher. Some special contest/raffle trees even operate at tier-9 or tier-12. The effect of each of the enchantments and rituals is based on the moon pool's overall tier, plus one, so a tier-5 moon pool is operating at a tier-6 accessory value.

An enchantment or ritual's duration is based on the level of sunlight or starlight that was used to create the ritual or enchantment. The durations begin fairly low (half an hour or so) and gradually increase over time as tier raises, until each casting is lasting several days.


  1. ^ The moon pool slightly increases the bonsai bonus that v17 pets (butterflies) receive
  2. ^ There is no HUD
  3. ^ The bonsai bonus is given to the v17 pets, not the bonsai tree itself

Just what is this 'Fluttertrap'?

2014-05-02 07:00:38
Official Notecard

The mysterious fluttertraps provide a special kind of...incentive...that convinces your pets to work harder and reproduce more efficiently. It acts as a Tier-6 Assassin class, which raises the effective tier of all of your pets nearby up to its own rating. It also tries to increase the tier of pets that have a higher tier than it, but it is less-likely to scare something more powerful than itself.

Area of Effect: 20-meter burst.
Rating: Tier-6 Assassin

Just what is this 'fairy sunflower'?

2016-07-03 07:59:25
Official Notecard

These pretty little sunflowers have been waiting all summer for someone to finally take them home. They love to shine, and provide light and food for your pets. The bigger the sunflower is, the more kinds of light and food it produces, and for a larger area! The types of food that they produce change every hour, making it possible to get several different kinds of food before your pets move on.

Tiny Sunflower: 10-meter burst, one type of fairy sunflower food, one type of light
Small Sunflower: 20-meter burst, two types of fairy sunflower food, one type of light
Large Sunflower: 50-meter burst, three types of fairy sunflower food, two types of light
Giant Sunflower: sim-wide burst, four types of fairy sunflower food, two types of light

Just what is this 'Fairy Hermit Shelter'?

2016-07-05 12:12:25
Official Notecard

This colorful little acorn is the home of a fairy hermit that hides within its dwelling until no one is looking. When it knows that it's alone, it sneaks out and tends to fairy moon pools, cleaning and purifying them bit by bit throughout the day.

Unfortunately, spiders, slugs, and other hungry creatures love to hunt the seemingly helpless hermits. Fairy hermits rely on other pets (any pet updated to v17alpha) the help fend-off hungry creatures and cursed vines so that they can do their job. Updated pets will be able to automatically help defend the poor hermit, and in doing so, they receive bonus experience towards their next job tier.

The older the fairy hermit gets, the more deadly of monsters that try to eat them, but at the same time...the more experience and rewards are given to the valiant pets that come to its defense.

Don't worry, your little fairy hermit can't actually die, but it can't tend to the moon pool while a distaster keeps it locked indoors!

Rez your fairy hermit near a moon pool.
You're done =)

Just make sure that there's a handful of v17alpha-updated pets nearby to help him!

Levels: "Weak","Minor","Lesser","Moderate","Greater","Superior","Grand","Fairytale"

Just what is this "Dangerous Ally'?

2014-04-29 06:58:26
Official Notecard

This strange little plant provides an unusual kind of incentive that helps all of your pets work harder and aim for new and interesting mutations. It also provides a small amount of food (F+1 'Danger').

Area of Effect: 20-meter Burst
Rating: Tier-6 Assassin, F+1 'Danger'
Duration: 1 Month

{Papillon} v17alpha Update

2016-07-04 11:55:52
Official Notecard

This particle v17 update includes a number of changes, most notably being that the updated pets can now benefit from the bonuses being given by breedable bonsai, and the nutrition% granted by treating your pets seedlings.
Much like any other bonus, these bonuses are forgotten a few times a day; the bonsai bonus is re-applied on a regular basis by the bonsai, but the nutrition bonus requires that you treat your pets to the yummy veggies a few hours before they mate.
The type of treat given to the pet doesn't matter; all types of veggies and shrooms and such are the same as far as the treat is concerned. Your pets are only looking at the nutrition%.

Unfortunately, the bonus-chance of unlocking certain mutations based on the mutations inherent to the treated seedling couldn't be added in just yet. That will hopefully be included when the rest of the v17 update is implemented.

With the inclusion of the bonsai and treat-bonuses, pets are now able to attain higher than a 20% mutation chance, and as a result, new mutations have been added that REQUIRE a 21%+ mutation chance in order to unlock them. Cocoons displaying a 21%+ mutation chance in their hover text had a chance at unlocking these new mutations, but much like any other unlock, they are never guaranteed. The higher the mutation%, the more likely it was that the offspring reached that higher-tier of mutation.

Breedable Bonsai give bonuses as per the following table:

Baby 0.1% 10-Meter Burst
Dwarf 0.25% 10-Meter Burst
Diminutive 0.5% 10-Meter Burst
Tiny 0.75% 10-Meter Burst
Small 1.0% 10-Meter Burst
Medium 1.25% 20-Meter Burst
Large 1.5% 20-Meter Burst
Giant 1.75% 20-Meter Burst
Enormous 2.0% 20-Meter Burst
Grandiose 2.5% 50-Meter Burst
Colossal 3.0% 50-Meter Burst
Titanic 3.5% 50-Meter Burst
Mondo 4.0% 50-Meter Burst
Grand 5.0% Sim-Wide Burst



Body Require 1%+ (General list)
Runed and Speckled
Monster; increases the size of an adult pet by 50%

Body Require 21%+
Endless; pet never runs out of mating cycles
Monster unlocks Behemoth; increases the size of an adult pet by 75%, and makes it Eternal

Body Require 25%+
Perfect; pet is considered pure-colored even if it isn't, for mating purposes
Bountiful; pet loses its bonuses every three days, instead of a few times a day, allowing it to almost always mate at its highest bonus.



Particles Require 1%+ (General list)
Nova and Ring have been added as particle mutations
Ward can unlock Shield
Mark+Shield can unlock Barrier
Barrier can unlock Guardian

Particles Require 21%+
Mark can unlock Prophecy

Archmagi can unlock the Golem pet-class
Golems destroy spiders, water, prune, and weed plants, clean fairy moon pools, and collect light/energy to give to wisps and plants.

Guardian can unlock the Sentinel pet-class
Sentinels maintain order within your garden, ensure the healthy growth of babies and the long-life of your pets, and make certain that your pet are operating at...peak efficiency...or else (higher-tier assassin).



Wings Require 1%+ (General list)
Sunflower, Sneaky, Tenser, and Glidus
Golden Wing can unlock GoldenB

Wings Require 21%+
BejeweledA, BejeweledB, BejeweledC
Rose, Tulip, Daffodil, Violet

In addition to all of the above, your updated pets are also able to assist event-driven structures. Your brave little pets will fight against monsters and other disasters, and in doing so, gain bonus experience towards their next tier. Each of the pets that participates in the event will gain experience. These scripts will generate an event every few hours on average, but only a certain number of pets can help with an event -- once the event is dealt with (which may be a few high-tier rare-class pets solving the problem right away), no one else gains experience from trying to help it.

The event-structures gain experience as well, creating more dangerous events as they increase in power, which in turn give more experience and allow more pets to help in each event. As an added bonus, the hermit living within the event-structures will help to purify and clean your moon pools for you, as well as gather excess energy and help your pool stay healthy.

Every successful event also increases the morale and loyalty of your pets based on the tier of the event-structure, and feeds everything nearby an F+1 "Reward" even if they didn't participate in the event.

There is no real limit to the number of these that can be in a sim at any given time, but they DO generate lag (all of your nearby pets are trying to help it at once!), meaning that the more pets you have -- and the more structures -- the more quickly lag will build up. The event-structures as for help in a small area (10-meter radius), so spreading out these structures can help limit how many pets respond, and how much lag is generated.[1]

Pets that are assisting an event-structure will project a faint glowing trail to it while they are helping out.

You may have seen references above to a 'Fairy Moon Pool'. This special accessory has been in-the-works for years and isn't completely finished, but support for it has been added to the pets so that they can help take care of it. Fairies in particular are adept at cleaning and purifying moon pools, and helping them gather magical power faster.

An alpha-version of the moon pool will be made available; updating the moon pool is quick and easy, so as more advanced versions of it become available you can easily move your progress from one pool to another. Moon pools have the added bonus of amplifying the bonuses given off by breedable bonsai trees. The moon pool's tier affects this bonus, potentially doubling the bonus by the time the pool reaches Grand Fairy Moon Pool status.

Moon pools get overgrown with weeds and corrupted much like some of the plants do, requiring regular cleaning and purification. Every fairy is born with the innate knowledge of how to tend a moon pool, making them excellent candidates to place nearby. Event-structures, mentioned above, often contain hermits that also cleanse moon pools if they are placed near them.


  1. ^ This was changed

{Papillon} The Great Toy Turn-in of 2017!

2017-02-14 10:15:26
Official Notecard

It's that time again! I know that all of the Papillon breeders have collected lots and lots of toys, accessories, and cosmetic items from the gift servers, and it's time to trade in those extra and unwanted goodies for a prize that's definitely worth it.

Just like every year, the main prize for the toy turn-in raffle will be Santa's Special Tree, which will include absolutely every accessory, seasonal gift, and booster that Papillon has ever handed out, at a couple of tiers higher than most other trees that are available. There may also be a handful of runner-up prizes, depending on participation. More toys might just mean more gifts! =)

All entries should be sent to Butterfly Bellflower IN A FOLDER labeled with your name, the word '2017TOYS', and how many toys you are sending in in total. Please, please do not just send me a box with no ends up lost in my inventory. The folders are the only safe way to make sure that I'll receive it and process it. The single word '2017TOYS' will make it to where I can easily search and make sure that I processed every folder.

For example, you could label your folder: "Joe Smith, 240 toys, 2017TOYS"

In order to enter into the toy-raffle (and into the mystery wing raffle), you will need to collect your toy-mode flutters, gift server accessories, cosmetic bundles that are still in their original boxes, and bundle them up into boxes of 40 at a time (put them inside of a 1-prim cube). Why only 40? Any more than 40 and it takes a long time for me to peek into them at random and make sure that there's no funny business going on. I check at random, and it's a nightmare when I open a box that has 600 things, and it takes five minutes just for the server to load its contents.

Valid Entries:

  • Toy-mode pets (aged out, or converted for points)
  • Cosmetic bundles (still in their original box)
  • Seasonal boosters that you don't have a use for anymore
  • Any accessory that the gift server gives you
  • ...just about anything from the gift server/gift stockings that are NOT rainbow plants.

!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!
Rainbow plants (tongues and spurs) are NOT a part of this turn-in (the rainbow turn-in will be next, hopefully some time in the near future). So you may want to box up those bundles of rainbow plants as well while you're at it, just to have them ready.
!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

As with all of our turn-ins, tickets are awarded at a 1:1 ratio for the first 40. After the first 40, a single ticket is awarded for every full box of 40 presented afterwards. Even a thousand toys entered is still only about 64 tickets, so no matter how many are entered, everyone will end up having about the same odds (it would take 2440 toys to have a hundred tickets).

All entries must be received before Sunday, February 19. The ticket numbers will be announced before the drawing Sunday night or Monday morning, and the winners will be sent out via notice as usual~

Stockings Have Valentine's Day Goodies !!!

2017-02-14 07:30:15
Official Notecard

Flower has changed the stockings to give out Valentine treats ...

Never Ending Candy Hearts - Only 3 in the stockings !! Click any time for 20m M & L boost to everything, never runs out.

Delicious Chocolate Strawberry - Same as Gift of Gold, expendable very high one time Strawberry Bonuses to everything in 20m area when clicked. If not clicked, it's a wisp magnet in the garden, giving them energy, and also gives out chocolate strawberry food every hour to everything in the 20m range. There is no limit to the numbers in the stockings, but they are rare.

Note: Flower made sure that ONLY owners can click all of these goodies. Safe to leave out and enjoy ...

Also in the stockings:

6 seasonal butterflys - 2 new heart shaped wings and four heart particles

Some candy, each of which gives out different bonus.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day !!!

The six butterfly mutations are: HeartB Wing, HeartC Wing, HeartsC Effect, HeartsD Effect, and HeartsE Effect.