Main Store Fairy Gifter Update

2020-04-14 19:03:43
Group Chat

[2020/04/12 19:23]  Butterfly Bellflower: And before I forget, I also put the beta wings into the fairy gift giver at the store.  So you all might randomly be handed beta wings for the upcoming turn-in.
[2020/04/12 19:23]  Butterfly Bellflower: It also has BSilvery, WSilvery, and PSilver flutters -- a silver version of the glorious flutter.

{Papillon} The Most Magical Glowshrooms!

2020-04-13 14:23:45
Group Notice
Raffle Machine!: Monellis has won the Most Magical Glowshroom!
Raffle Machine!: Fairykiss Delicioso has won the Most Magical Glowshroom!
Congratulations to Monellis and Fairykiss in winning a Most Magical Glowshroom!  You two can feel free to poke me at your convenience to claim your prize =)

{Papillon} Spring/Easter goodies!

2020-04-12 18:55:28
Group Notice

It's about that time of year, and the stockings have been stuffed with some spring/easter-themed goodies for you all. 

Easter eggs have been hidden around the store with a bunch of free gifts as well! 

Also -- in line with the eighth anniversary of the flutters, the six original beta-test wings for the flutters have been made available through the stockings, mondo server, and hidden eggs with a turn-in for the six original beta wings coming up in a couple of weeks =)

{Papillon} The 2020 Toy Turn-in!

2020-04-08 19:22:48
Group Notice
Santa is a little late in taking down his tree this year, but he's about ready to pass it off to one of you!  As with any toy turn-in, please read the enclosed notecard for details.  The deadline for this year's toy turn-in is April 19th, about a week and a half from now.
Good luck to everyone that enters!

It's that time again!  I know that all of the Papillon breeders have collected lots and lots of toys, accessories, and cosmetic items from the gift servers, and it's time to trade in those extra and unwanted goodies for a prize that's definitely worth it.
Just like every year, the main prize for the toy turn-in raffle will be Santa's Special Tree, which will include absolutely every accessory, seasonal gift, and booster that Papillon has ever handed out, at a tier or two higher than most other trees that are available.  There may also be a handful of runner-up prizes, depending on participation.  More toys might just means more gifts!  =)
All entries should be sent to Butterfly Bellflower IN A FOLDER labeled with your name, the word '2020TOYS', and how many toys you are sending in in total.  Please, PLEASE do not just send me just a box with no ends up lost in my inventory.  The folders are the only safe way to make sure that I'll receive it and process it.  The single word '2020TOYS' will make it to where I can easily search and make sure that I processed every folder.
For example, you could label your folder:  "Joe Smith, 240, 2020TOYS"
In order to enter into the toy-raffle, you will need to collect your toy-mode flutters, gift server accessories, cosmetic bundles that are still in their original boxes, and bundle them up into boxes of 40 at a time (put them inside of a 1-prim cube).  Why only 40?  Any more than 40 and it takes a long time for me to peek into them at random and make sure that there's no funny business going on.  I check at random, and it's a nightmare when I open a box that has 600 things, and it takes five minutes just for the server to load its contents.  If you have more than 40 boxes, which happens from time to time, you're welcome to send me a second folder (or third, or forth...)
PLEASE, PLEASE, do NOT just send me a box!  Place it in a folder labeled with your name first or it may get lost in my bottomless pit of objects!
Valid Entries:
        * Toy-mode pets (aged out, or converted for points)
        * Cosmetic bundles (still in their original box)
        * Seasonal boosters that you don't have a use for anymore
        * Any accessory that the gift server gives you
        * ...just about anything from the gift server/gift stockings that are NOT rainbow plants.
!!!!!       !!!!!       !!!!!
Rainbow plants (tongues and spurs) are NOT a part of this turn-in (the rainbow turn-in will be next, hopefully some time in the near future).  So you may want to box up those bundles of rainbow plants as well while you're at it, just to have them ready.
!!!!!       !!!!!       !!!!!
As with all of our turn-ins, tickets are awarded at a 1:1 ratio for the first 40.  After the first 40, a single ticket is awarded for every full box of 40 presented afterwards.   Even a thousand toys entered is still only about 64 tickets, so no matter how many are entered, everyone will end up having about the same odds (it would take 2440 toys to have a hundred tickets).
All entries must be received before Sunday, April 19 (which gives you about a week and a half to turn in your toys!).  The ticket numbers will be announced before the drawing Sunday night or Monday morning, and the winners will be sent out via notice as usual~

{Papillon} A glorious butterfly has emerged!

2020-04-08 19:07:50
Group Notice

Congratulations to Leto for successfully completing the Glorious butterfly challenge!  This one took a while, and the butterflies were being a little stingy, but it's finally done!  Be on the lookout for a new Spring Challenge coming up soon =)

{Papillon} An Ensorcelled Glowshroom!

2020-04-05 00:00:00
Official Notecard

I've decided to further the progress of the plant/veggy combination efforts by stuffing together the six original veggies (Pumpkin, Melon, Carrot, Strawberry, Fairy/Single/Double Shroom, and Tomato) into a plant similar to the Enchanted Glowshroom.  This special glowshroom provides the 27 racial food types (and 6 related F+1 Tomato/Berry/Carrot/Shroom/Melon/Pumpkin) of those veggies to a sim-wide area.  This allows you to pick up any of those veggies that you were keeping out just for their boosts and bonuses to further save on scripts and prims.


You may claim a free Ensorcelled Glowshroom by completing the following Fall/Winter challenge:
Collect one of each of the six very-rare racial types on six seedlings:
        +One pure-colored Sparkles, Sparkly, or Motes Particle Effect seedling of any Pumpkin, Melon, Carrot, Strawberry, Tomato, or Fairy Shroom type.
The six racial types can be on any veggy that supports those racial types, and the pure-colored entry can also count as one of the six racial types being submitted if it is also one of the very-rare racial types.  If your pure-colored+sparkles/sparkly/motes entry also possesses the Delicious or Healthy Body mutation you will receive a special upgraded Ensorcelled Glowshroom with additional qualities =)  

Entries for the challenge may be submitted to Butterfly Bellflower in a folder labeled with your name, and the word 'SHROOM2019'; for example "Jane Doe, SHROOM2019".  You are welcome to submit up to THREE separate entries to claim up to three free Ensorcelled Glowshrooms.


Everyone that claims a free Ensorcelled Glowshroom through the turn-in will also be entered into a raffle for a very special Most Magical Glowshroom that does the job of both an Ensorcelled and Enchanted Glowshroom with aaaaallllll of the special qualities that they can possess.


The base, un-upgraded Ensorcelled Glowshroom is also available down in the store (next to the Enchanted Glowshroom) for the same price.

{Papillon} Ensorcelled Glowshroom turn-in deadline!

2020-04-05 23:50:32
Group Notice

My goodness the real world has kept me away for a while, but it's finally time to finish up this shroom turn-in.  The deadline for the entries is April 12th, next Sunday.  I will be giving out the gifts and dealing with the prizes this coming week as I have time, which I seem to have a lot of all of a sudden.

A notecard has been included for newer breeders that may not have been aware that a turn-in was in progress.

{Papillon} A glorious butterfly? [Breeding Challenge #6]

2017-04-16 16:59:43
Official Notecard

These glorious little butterflies represent the sixth breeding challenge that we have offered.  Unlike previous breeding challenges, which incorporated two traits, this challenge involves three traits and gives the breeders an opportunity to choose which of the three they want to try to combine together to make the target butterfly. 

This challenge involves GloriousA Wing, GloriousB Body+Antenna, and GloriousC triple-particle effect on the butterflies.

Should someone combine any two of these onto a pure-colored Butterfly, I'll award them a mysterious prize...a one-of-a-kind pet of their choosing that they will get to assist me in designing.  This very rare prize can be handled however the winner wants, keeping it to themselves or giving/selling the pretty little offspring as they please.

In order to win, someone must acquire a completely pure-colored (any combination of three pure [0.000, 0.500, or 1.000] fields) Butterfly with any two of the GloriousA, B, or C traits supplied by this challenge. 

These butterflies, as well as any pet carrying any [Glorious*] mutation, are NOT affected by dreamers or witchdoctors!

Only one prize be given out, so good luck =)  

Participation in this is obviously entirely voluntary and the challenge may take quite some time to complete.  Pesky pets have a bad habit of not wanting to pass on their traits when it actually be comes important for them to do so.  Annnnd as a little extra, should someone eventually (not necessarily within the time-frame of this challenge, and completely separate) manage to combine all three of the traits onto a pure-colored Butterfly I will also give them a special prize =)

{Papillon} A winter breeding challenge? Glorious butterflies!

2019-12-26 18:30:26
Group Notice

It's time for another breeding challenge, and this time the butterflies have came back in a glorious fashion.  Feel free to take a look at the notecard, and you're welcome to pick up your challenge starters from the glorious butterfly at the store =)

Breeding Challenge #6

2019-12-26 17:52:29

Starters: GloriousA Wing, GloriousB Body, GloriousC Effect

Challenge: First person to submit a butterfly with a "pure" (0.000, 0.500, 1.000 are all considered pure) color vector and any two of the three mutations 

Prize: Assist Butterfly in designing your prize pet

Consolation Prize: Any person to submit a butterfly with a "pure" color vector and all three mutations will receive a special prize