{Papillon} Butterfly v18n update!

2020-05-14 19:15:54
Group Notice

The butterflies have been given a unique channel and button on the HUD, the ability to stop their wings from fluttering, and a handful of other quality of life changes.   As with any update, please don't run out and update a hundred flutters until people have had a chance to test the update a bit and watch for any glitches that I may have missed =)

This update was primarily to add a unique channel to the butterfly, and a button on the Control HUD just for controlling the butterfly.  While I was at it I made a handful of other edits and quality of life changes along with a few memory fixes to make it less likely that they fail.  However, I've also added a special variable within a subscript to store vital Butterfly information, and a developer button to hard-reset the pet using this stored data.  This should make it quick and easy for me to jump-start a "stuck" pet in the future.
• The Sorcerer and Elemental classes have been added, along with the supporting particle-effect chains to unlock them.
• The butterfly's sub-version letter "n" has been added next to the version number to make it easier to identify pets that need to be updated.
• Support for a butterfly cocoon/chrysalis collector has been added.
• Swirl and No Swirl on the Control HUD cause the butterfly's wing animation to start and stop.
• Life and Food, two values that have been cosmetic for a long time now, are no longer displayed in the hovertext.   Pets are so stuffed with food that I haven't bothered actually keeping track of Food% for quite some time.  The number was hard-locked to 99.9% the whole time.  F+ comes from too many sources bother making the pets actually go out and search for food -- most of them are never hungry anymore.  Likewise, Life% hasn't been a problem after spiders and their linked sensors were removed.  Priests and other Life% granting classes are likely going to be given a new, unique purpose when I get a chance =)

{Papillon} Summoning Circle v1.7 Update!

2020-05-14 19:13:45
Group Notice

The summoning circle v1.7 is ready for release and available down in the store, including a notecard explaining the changes.  Grab one, rez it, click your old circle, choose "Transfer", and click your new summoning circle.  All of your magic and progress will be transferred over =)

{Papillon} A week of gifts!

2020-05-07 23:00:48
Group Notice

The ladybugs at the store would like to thank you all, and have a little gift for you in the ladybug village near the landing point.  Their giftbox contains many, many starters from over the years, some of which are rare, some of which were very common...some recent, some very old and hard to find.  If you drop in to say hi to them, the ladybugs will pick a gift out of their giftbox and give it to you!  They're very forgetful though, and will probably give you another one if you come back another day =)

{Papillon} Most Magical Bean winners!

2020-05-05 14:24:47
Group Notice
The winner of The Most Magical Bean [Pink]: DarkMoonsrage
The winner of The Most Magical Bean [Blue]: Cherry Tungsten
The winner of The Most Magical Bean [Green]: Satmeret
The winner of an Endless Jellybean Vine: Molly Ladybird
You four are welcome to contact me at your convenience to claim your prizes!  Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for the next raffle that should be coming up this weekend.

{Papillon} Ember Queen v1.4 Update!

2020-05-05 14:24:07
Group Notice
Updating your Ember Queen is as simple as rezzing a newly acquired Ember Queen, clicking your old Ember Queen, choosing the Transfer blue-menu option, and selecting the newly rezzed Ember Queen.  It will transfer all of its magic over.  You can then pick up or delete your old Ember Queen.
You will need to update your Ember in order for your Ember to learn the "Feed" and "Don't Feed" menu options listed below, but you do not need to update
your Ember if you would simply like your future Ember to have access to the new mutations listed below -- the Ember Queen will grant that to them when
they are created.  In order to update an Ember choose Update from the Ember Queen's blue menu and click on an Ember.  The Ember will disappear and reappear over the Ember Queen with the new version.
This update was primarily to add a 'Feed' and 'Don't Feed' menu option to the Ember Queen so that she can disable Fishie feeding for breeders that don't actually have fish.  The Ember, by default, collect your garden's food and feed it to the Fishie.  These messages being sent to your garden are just spam if you don't actually have Fishie.  For people that have lots of Ember this can make a huge difference, since every single Ember was trying to forcefully stuff your fish with food every minute or so.  This menu is available under the Ember Queen's Command -> Purposes mass-command option.
A 'Feed' option was added to the individual Ember's Config -> Feed blue menu as well, just in case you want one specific Ember to continue feeding your Fishie after you've told the others to stop doing that job.
The Ember's feed/don't feed setting is visible on the ember's Info blue-menu button as
    "Currently feeding your fishies!"
    "Not currently feeding your fishies!"
You can also find an Echo and No Echo option on the Ember Queen's Command -> Visual blue-menu options.  This will disable and enable the local echo of candy distribution for your Ember.  Similar to feed/don't feed, this option will be visible on the ember's Info blue-menu button as
    "Not displaying candy distributiion!
    "Displaying candy distribution!"
This has absolutely no effect on the actual distribution of candy, it simply toggles whether or not the Ember will let you know in chat when they do it.
The Ember Queen now keeps track of how many Embers have been created and how many mutations/traits have been given by her.  The Ember Queen will now give a bonus to the chance of getting future Particles and Traits based on those values, up to a maximum of 20% if you happen to somehow create enough Ember and acquire enough Traits to increase the bonus that high.  These values and the bonuses granted by them are transferred to new Ember Queen if you update your Ember Queen.
These values are visible on the Information blue-menu option of the Ember Queen and increase as more Ember are created. 
{Papillon} The Ember Queen (v1.4):
Memory Available: 19378b
Total Ember Created: 15
Particles/Traits Given: 7
Mutation/Trait Chance: +2.30%
While I was at it, I went ahead and added quite a few new particle mutations to the Ember Queen that she can grant to your Ember, including:

{Papillon} Magic Circle notes!

2020-06-03 21:54:23
Official Notecard
M A G I C      C I R C L E     R A R I T I E S
I created nine tiers of rarities for the magic circles so that they can steadily increase and gradually unlock new circles as people get lucky with the circle's single-step evolutions (M+ and L+ for the win!)!  Each of these tiers contains a few circle types that can unlock the next tier if you get luckly and unlock an evolution.  These tiers reflect the difficult of acquiring the magic circle types with enchanted runestones and enchanted circles, but are considerably easier to get since it is based on your garden's bonuses.  There are a few new ones at the end of the chain for people to aim for that will add a little more power to the Summoning Circle once it is released at v1.6 and also contains those circle types.
These Magic Circles allow your Summoning Circle to learn circle types just like runestones and enchanted circles.  Just leave the Magic Circle rezzed for about an hour and it should pick up the circle type.  Once it's learned you can pick up the Magic Circle and do with it as you please, or use the "Work" and "No Work" options to stop the Magic Circles from communicating with the Summoning Circle =)
Most starters purchased from the store will begin with a Tier-1 or Tier-2 type.
Tier-1: Apprentice, Magi, Circle, Ward, Marked
Tier-2: Runic, Enchanted, Witch, Nether
Tier-3: Occult, Hex, Sorcery, Trinity
Tier-4: Talisman, Sealed, Ritual
Tier-5: Voodoo, Prophecy, Sealed
Tier-6: Guardian, Archmagi, Glyph
Tier-7: Thaumaturgy, Arcanum, Mantra
Tier-8:  Prediction, Jinx, Divination
Tier-9:  Incantation
For example, once you have a "Runic" Magic Circle, the Magic Circle's offspring may unlock Occult, Hex, Sorcery, or Trinity with an evolution (evolution chance is generally higher than mutation chance since it is based largely on M+ and L+).  All of the next tier's types are added to the pool of options when the evolution occurs, giving equal chance of Occult, Hex, Sorcery, or Trinity.  It's potentially possible to unlock all nine tiers within eight generations if you got very lucky =)
The Magic Circles also contain a pile of inner (wing) and outer (body) mutations that you can unlock, but they are simply cosmetic and have no effect on the circle type or summoning circle.  Many of the particle mutations, such as Bubbles, Flutters, and similar change the Magic Circle's rainbow floating runes into a stream of similar particles for very pretty effects~
I N N E R     C I R C L E S (WINGS) [~140 mutations...so many rainbowy designs!]
            RainbowA to RainbowZ
            RainbowAA to RainbowAZ
            SwirlA to SwirlL
            DarkA to DarkH           
            StarA to StarI           
            TribalA to TribalZ
            FractalA to FractalD
            TechA to TechD can unlock TechnicalA to TechnicalD
            GalaxyA to GalaxyC  can unlock GalacticA to GalacticG           
            MandalaA to MandalaF can unlock GeometricA to GeometricF
Valentine Seasonal Mutations include WHeart
Fall Seasonal Mutations include WSakura
Halloween Seasonal Mutations include WSpookyA to WSpookyK
Winter Seasonal Mutations include WSnowflake
O U T E R      C I R C L E S (BODY) [~30 mutations]
            BRainbowA to BRainbowZ
            BRainbowAA to BRainbowAH
All of the usual v18 plant particle mutations!
The Archmagi Particle chain has been unlocked
Archmagi Particle can unlock Jinx
Prediction Particle Effect can unlock Divination and Incantation
Valentine Seasonal Mutations include Hearts
Fall Seasonal Mutations include Sakura and Leaves
Halloween Seasonal Mutations include Treats, Ghosts, and Bats
Winter Seasonal Mutations include Snowflakes
There are a few cosmetic differences in the wording of the hovertext.
Level simply means experience tier.
Distortion simply means weeds.
Energy simply means growth.
Magic simply means resources -- resources are hidden by default since
it is unlikely that a plant's resources will ever run out anymore.  You can
make it reappear with the "Swirl" and "No Swirl" buttons on the control HUD,
assuming you have Plants selected.
There are a few symbols:
    ♰ = NOT providing energy and granting F+ bonus.   
    ✽ = Providing energy and granting F+ bonus.
    ♠ = Properly weeded and tended to.
    ♣ = Affected by misting bonuses.
    ♥ = Able to produce new circles.
    ☼ = Full of enough energy to produce magic.
The base moods have been replaced with rune names, and affect
the design of the circle's outermost ring, but have no other effect:   
The Magic Circle updater has been edited so that it can be rezzed at the same
time as updaters of different plant types, but not more than one Magic Circle updater
at a time.  This allows breeders to leave the Magic Circle update crystal out and
still be able to update other kinds of pets without having to pick it up and shuffle
updaters around.  This change will likely happen to other updaters as well as
updates happen.

{Papillon} Dragonfly v18 update!

2020-04-29 17:41:03
Group Notice

The dragonfly v18 is done, and ready for release.  It is available in the middle of the store from the big dragonfly and its box.  As with any update, if you have a ton of dragonfly it may be a good idea to let other people test the box for a day or so just in case there's a chance of a fix-it box to solve some mysterious glitches =)

The Dragonflies have been upgraded to v18 with all of the bonuses and changes
associated with the v18 updates, including an egg collector and dedicated channel
on the freshly updated control HUD.
The 'Swirl' and No Swirl' HUD options for Wisps will cause the dragonfly's client-side
wing animation to stop or start.  Dragonfly wing movement is client-side and does not
affect the server aside from the initial "spin", so to speak.
I removed and combined several scripts in an attempt to lower the script impact of
the dragonflies.  As a result, there may be some quirky problems that need addressing
in a future bugfix.  Some particles may go in the wrong direction or show slightly
differently than before.
The Summer Season for seasonals is May 1st to July 31st.
The Fall Season for seasonals is August 1st to September 31st.
The Halloween Season for seasonals is October 1st to October 31st.
The Winter Season for seasonals is November 1st to December 31st.
The dragonflies have gained the following Wisp archtypes to replace their moods:
Seedgrower; occasionally enhances the chance of plants creating Seedlings
Stormcaller; occasionally calls in Rain and Mist (replacing Misting Bottles)
Lightbringer; occasionally creates Light and Motivates pets (Assassin bonus)
Starchaser; occasionally generates Dragonfly and Ember energy
Windseeker; occasionally enhances both Mutation% and Full Mutation Chance
Luckbinder; occasionally creates bursts of Morale and Loyalty
Hopefinder; occasionally generates Longevity and speeds up Mating Speed
Greenkeeper; occasionally Weeds your garden and Waters your plants
Nightstalker; occasionally generates Moonlight for Moon Pools and Purifies them
Daystrider; occasionally generates Sunlight for Moon Pools and Purifies them
Treespeaker; occasionally provides Bonsai Bonus (Tier / 3; Max +5 at Tier 15) and Prunes plants
Raindancer; occasionally spreads Rain and Waters your plants
Mistwalker; occasionally creates Mist and Tends your plants
Firestarter; occasionally creates Light and Ember energy
Waverider; occasionally spreads waters from Longevity Pool and Energy Pool
Songchanger; occasionally Motives both plants and pets
Dreamcrafter; occasionally acts as a Dreamer for a nearby pet
Bloombinder; occasionally acts as a Dreamer for a nearby plant
Shardseeker; occasionally enhances Dragonfly energy crystallization
The base Tier of these additional jobs is two less than the Dragonfly's own Tier, to a
minimum of Tier-1.  Due to the lack of sizes and other conditions that would normally
affect Treespeaker range, their range has been set based on their radiance:
Normal, Faded, Vibrant, Dark, Brilliant, and Shadowed have a range of 20 meters.
Shining and Midnight have a range of 50 meters.
Luminous, Ghostly, Sparkling, and Dazzling are sim-wide.
Dragonflies perform these additional jobs one-third as often as they perform the
duties normally associated with their class.  Because they are performing additional
duties they will also Tier-up faster than they previously would.
B O D Y     M U T A T I O N S
All of the usual v18 traits, in addition to:
Monster can unlock Behemoth
Behemoth can unlock Titan
The following body mutations have been added to the general list:
Gemstone can unlock:
BSakura is unlocked during the Fall Season!
W I N G     M U T A T I O N S
The following wing mutations have been added to the general list (over a hundred new wings!):
Rock* can unlock Crystal
Crystal can unlock:
Crystalline* can unlock:
Peacock* can unlock:
WRainbow* can unlock:
WGemstone can unlock:
Spotted* can unlock:
Inverted can unlock:
Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Sunflower, Tulip, Rose, and Watermelon are unlocked during the Summer Season!
WSakura is unlocked during the Fall Season!
CostumeA, CostumeB, HauntedA, HauntedB, and Webs are unlocked during the Halloween Season!
SnowflakeA to SnowflakeD is unlocked during the Winter Season!
P A R T I C L E     M U T A T I O N S
The dragonflies have gained all of the usual v18 particle updates!
Sakura and Leaves are unlocked during the Fall Season!
Treats, as well as TeaseA to TeaseF are unlocked during the Halloween Season!
Snowflakes is unlocked during the Winter Season!

In addition, the dragonflies now have access to all of the v18 classes, including the
elite classes and unlocked classes, including Elemental and Sorcerer.
* Fiery Particle effect can unlock Blaze (fiery explosions around the dragonfly)
* Blaze Particle effect can unlock TribalZ (a dragon coiled around the dragonfly)
TribalZ + Guardian Particle effects mated together can unlock the Dragon class,
which has properties equal to a combined Witch and Wizard.   This is a LONG chain
of unlocks, but a combined Witch+Wizard is a very powerful class that does far
more than several other classes combined.
(...Guardian requires Barrier)
(...Barrier requires Mark+Shield)
(...Shield requires Ward)
(...Mark and Ward both come from Spark*)
This represents the Spring Breeding Challenge!  Whoever manages to unlock the
first Dragon-class and report it to Butterfly Bellflower will receive a special prize!
S P E C I A L     T H A N K S
Dew* wing was donated by Calum!
RockA wing can unlock RockB and Paper, both of which were donated by Goldenstar!
Rock* can also unlock Crystal, which unlocks CrystallineA-E
Paper wing was donated by Goldenstar and can unlock Scissors wing and ShikigamiA and ShikigamiB particles!
Scissors wing can unlock Slice particles!
I'd like to thank Calum and Goldenstar for adding to our collection of mutations =)

{Papillon} 8th Anniversary Turn-in!

2020-04-29 17:40:17
Group Notice

It's time for another turn-in!  This time it'll include the beta wings that have been fluttering around for quite a while.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details and prizes =)

With spring coming to an end, I'd like to do an 8th anniversary turn-in.  The beta wings (BetaA to BetaF) have been available in various forms for years, and they were recently made available again for newer breeders to get their hands on.  Likewise, the Logo wing from one of our previous anniversary events has been around for a long time. 
This anniversary's turn-in will be a collection of the six Beta wings (BetaA, BetaB, BetaC, BetaD, BetaE, and BetaF) along with a Logo wing butterfly.
In exchange for collecting the seven wings, I'll give each and every person that completes the turn-in an Eternal accessory from the store that operates at higher tier than the base model.
In order to enter the turn-in, simply put the seven requested wings (starters are fine too) in a folder labeled with your name and the word '2020PRIZE', for example: "John Doe, 2020PRIZE".  Included in the folder also needs to be a notecard named after the prize that you would like to have from the turn-in.  The following prizes are valid requests:
    Longevity Pool
    Magical Mushroom
    Radiant Crystal Cluster
    Fluttertrap or Dangerous Ally
    Very Helpful Helper
    Hollow Log
    Fog Bank
    Mutagenic Mist
    Blood Mist
    Spooky Log
    Mysterious Stump
    Mysterious Mistletoe   
    Magical Tulip
    Magical Frond
    Magical Lily
    Magical Rose
    Ensorcelled Glowshroom
    Enchanted Glowshroom
**Added to the list of possible prizes: Butterfly Bellflower: I made it give out the treats more often than the old ones too.  They were doing it about once an hour, I changed it to once every ten minutes.  Better chance of keeping the bonus. [09:14] {Papillon} Never-Ending Carrot (2020Prize): I give away nurtitious treats to pets within a 50-meter burst!
If I missed an Eternal accessory from the store in the list that you're interested in, you're welcome to bring it up with me =)
If you happen to acquire a pure-colored Logo wing as part of your turn-in I will increase the tier of your choice even more!  Please include the word PURE in your folder name so that I can peek at your entry and further increase your prize!

{Papillon} The Most Magical Bean!

2020-04-22 21:01:07
Group Notice

It's that time again!  The jellybeans have been out for a week or so and it's time to turn them in.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details on the turn-in =)

It's time for a turn-in, with prizes and other goodies!
Annnnnd, this time it'll be the jellybeans that were released as stocking gifts during the Easter 2020 season.  There are six jellybeans, in total, that will have to be handed in for a prize:
{Papillon} A Lemon Jellybean [+12]
{Papillon} A Mint Jellybean [+15]
{Papillon} A Strawberry Jellybean [+17]
{Papillon} A Bubblegum Jellybean [+19]
{Papillon} A Licorice Jellybean [+21]
{Papillon} A Special Jellybean [+25]
All six of these should be placed into a folder together and labeled with your name, along with the word JELLY2020.  For example:  'Bob Smith, JELLY2020'.
Entries should be sent to Butterfly Bellflower before Sunday, May 3rd, 2020.
EVERYONE that hands in a set of six jellybeans be given a Sparkling Jellybean that will last forever and have a few nifty effects.   EVERYONE that hands in a set of six jellybeans will also be entered into a raffle for the Most Magical Bean.  There may also be a sneaky extra prize or two if I come up with other goodies before the raffle is over =)
So.  Collect your jellybeans and send them in at your convenience.  I'll be packaging up Sparkling Jellybeans to send out to you as I get a chance.

{Papillon} 2020 Toy Raffle winners!

2020-04-20 18:12:10
Group Notice
2020 Santa Tree: [Ticket#2641] Kylara Woofruff! (2431-2680)
2020 Ornament: [Ticket#748] Renessme Voilet! (711-760)
2020 Ornament: [Ticket#3123] chayse2morgan! (3101-3140)
2020 Ornament: [Ticket#1739] Nynaveve Wirefly! (1661-1750)
Congratulations to you four, and thank you all for participating!  You four are welcome to contact Buttefly Bellflower at your convenience to claim your prizes! =)