{Papillon} The Grand Raven!

2020-10-27 15:36:07
Group Notice

Congratulations to Mystagic Resident for claiming the first BRaven+WRaven+Ravens!  That brings the fall breeding challenge to an end!  Be on the lookout for a winter challenge coming soon =)

{Papillon} Halloween 2020 Snapshot Raffle!

2020-10-02 16:48:47
Group Notice

The title says it all!  Please read the enclosed notecard for details, prizes, and the way to enter =)  The deadline for this snapshot raffle is Sunday, October 11th, so please get your snapshots sent to Butterfly Bellflower in the next week or so in order to enter!

I want to see your spooky gardens (or any kind of garden at all, really)!

As a prize, the snapshot picking machine will choose a handful of winners that will each win a Grand Witch's Tome that provides a never-ending high-tier Moon Pool litany to an entire sim.   One Grand Tome for each litany will be given away by the machine, meaning several winners this time around!

In order the enter the raffle, simply take a snapshot of your garden (feel free to pose in it if you want!) and submit the snapshot to Butterfly Bellflower.  Snapshots need be labeled with your name, and the word "HALLOWEEN2020", for example "Jane Doe, HALLOWEEN2020".  Snapshots need to be full permissions so that I can place copies of it in each of the snapshot pickers so that each of them can pick a winner for a Grand Tome.

You're welcome to edit the snapshots and make them as pretty as you want, add your name, or anything else that you may want to do with it.   The winners will be on display at the store for quite a while =)  Only one snapshot per person is allowed!  Everyone has an equal chance of coming away with a prize~

The deadline to enter your snapshot to the raffle is Sunday, October 11th.  Winners will be pulled the following Monday (assuming I have time).

{Papillon} More gifts!

2020-10-02 16:26:03
Group Notice

Some more gifts have been added to the stockings, with more to come as we get closer to Halloween.  Also...some sneaky spiders have managed to steal some of the gifts that I was going to give you!  They ran off into the garden at the store to hide.  If you happen to find all five of them I'm pretty sure that one of them will hand over the goodies =)

{Papillon} Stocking server goodies!

2020-09-27 16:17:00
Group Notice

It's still a little early, but I decided to stuff the stockings with some of the Halloween goodies!  All of the gifts aren't in there just yet, and they will be updated as Halloween gets closer, but you can find spooky candy and other treats in your stockings =)

{Papillon} Carrot v18 Update (Halloween!)

2020-09-26 15:39:22
Group Notice

The carrots have finally gotten an update after a long time, and this update includes Fall, Halloween, and Winter mutations along with a big bunch of other new goodies.  The update is available down in the store's new location =)  As with any update, please refrain from updating lots of carrots for a day or so until the box has been thoroughly tested.

A notecard listing changes is included.  Please read the notecard for details, including details about the carrots

As part of this update, I've removed the "baby" stage for plants.  There was no reason for it, and in general plants took all of five minutes to become adults with the right boosts.  They still have a growth period to reach reproductive maturity, based on plant size, just like they had before.  They will simply grow up to their adult physical size right away.    Non-Eternal plants that are required to grow to maturity before reproducing show their Growth% instead of the usual%/Day.  Growth% will disappear once the plant is able to reproduce, and the %/Day will appear.  Smaller plants can have their Growth% handled very quickly by high-tier workers, gardeners, druids, etc.  

The Pygmy (requires Dwarf) and Gargantuan (requires Mondo) sizes were added right along with the usual v18 edits.

In addition to all of the usual v18 goodies, the Carrots have gotten the following modifications:
* A Low Glow option has been added to the Config menu
* Fall Seasonal Mutations (LSakura+FSakura+Sakura)
* Halloween Seasonal Mutations (LHalloweenA/B, HalloweenA/B, SpookedA-J, FaceA-N, Bats, Ghosts, and CandyC, Treats)
* Winter Seasonal Mutations (LFrozen+FFrozen+Snowflakes, Candy)
The Fall/Halloween mutations will be unlocked at the same time throughout September and October.

B O D Y (Leaf)     M U T A T I O N S
    Light and Dark (tintable) leaf mutations added to the general mutation list
    LGlass leaf mutation added to the general list    
    Glowing leaf mutation added to the general list
    LFiery, LIcy, LGleaming [requires Glowing]
    LRainbowA through LRainbowH leaf mutations added to the general list
    LAlienA through LAlienD leaf mutations added to the general list
    LGolden and LSilver (shiny!) leaf mutations added to the general list
    Enchanted [Requires Eternal -- creates a magical circle around the carrot based on mood-type]
    Magical [Requires Enchanted] (Counts as Eternal, glows brighter, and has more sparkles if it has a particle mutation)
    Ensorcelled [Requires Magical] (Counts as an Enchanted and Magical, rainbowy magic circles)
    Monster (25% bigger!) was added to the general mutation list
    Behemoth (50% bigger!) [requires Monster]
    Titan (75% bigger!) [requires Behemoth]    
    (Carrots are sculpts, which means they can grow to any size.  Gargantuan Titan Carrots!)
V E G G Y (Fruit)     M U T A T I O N S
    RainbowI through RainbowZ were added to the general mutation list
    FGolden and FSilver (shiny!) added to the general list
    Amber, Jade, Moonstone, Bloodstone, and Charoite added to the general list
    AlienA through AlienF added to the general list
    NeonA through NeonC added to the general list
    Natural, Glass, Sky, Forest, Ocean, Fire, Midnight, Sunset, Dusk, and Dawn were added to the general mutation list
    SpottedA to SpottedC were added to the general mutation list
    DottedA-F [Requires Spotted*]    
    PearlA-G (shiny) [Requires Neon*]  

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you use an update box to change an updated v18 carrot into one of the other plant types that carrots can safely be transformed into (tomato, berry, and melon), the new mutations provided by this update will not be visible.  This will not harm the plant, and it can pass on those traits in its new form, but cannot gain new v18 traits unless it is updated to a veggy type that has also been updated to v18.

{Papillon} Butterfly v18p (Halloween) Update!

2020-09-23 15:37:46
Group Notice

The butterflies have received their Halloween seasonal update, and is available down in the (newly relocated) store along with a notecard detailing the changes.  As with any update, it may be a good idea to wait a day or two before updating lots of pets just in case an obvious glitch pops up that needs adjusting.

This update also includes a Fall breeding challenge of sorts =)

In addition to the Halloween seasonal mutations listed below, the flutters were also given the Gargantuan size category (unlocked with Mondo) and the Titan body mutation (unlocked with Behemoth).

Halloween mutations are unlocked throughout September and October =)


Halloween 2020 Body Mutations:

Halloween 2020 Wing Mutations:
    "FeatheredA","FeatheredB" (color-tinted),"FeatheredC"    

Halloween 2020 Particle Mutations:
The first person to unlock BRaven+WRaven+Ravens as a triple flutter miiiiight just receive a special prize as well =)

{Papillon} We've moved!

2020-09-19 14:10:32
Group Notice

I've been in the process of moving some stuff for a while now, and we're finally moved off of SLink to a temporary location for the time being.  All of the vendors and such should be available here until I decide exactly where I'm going to plop them down permanently =)




{Papillon} We're moving!

2020-08-21 13:36:01
Group Notice

Message from Butterfly Bellflower:

I've been meaning to move and redesign the store for a while now, and it's finally time.  Don't mind the mess!  I'll be sending out a new landmark and such once things are all put back together.   Some products may disappear for a bit while being moved in chunks to where they need to be.   The gift servers may or may not be affected.   Thank you for your patience! I'm sure that I'll have some new gifts and goodies for you all once everything is settled.  =)

{Papillon} A Fairy Focus

Group Notice

I've decided to cook up an accessory for people with side-gardens of veggies/flowers/magic circles that may not have the same resources as your core garden.  A Fairy Focus acts as a low-prim solution to needing low-tier familiars, druids, golems, and seedgrowers in gardens that may not have access to high-tier boosts.  Please read the enclosed notecard for details.

A Fairy Focus requires a Drop of Fairy Magic (available next to the Focus vendor for L$299) in order to initialize, like many magical products.
The Focus is designed to allow you to have access to low-tier benefits without having to invest in lots of prims and scripts for golems, druids, seedgrowers, familiars, and similar accessories/pets that benefit the plants.  It will NOT, however, replace the obvious benefit to having high-tier pets that would otherwise be doing those jobs.  The base tier of the Focus is Tier-4, and can grow up to Tier-8 over time, but will never exceed that cap.  However, after Tier-8 it will unlock other functions such as generating light, magic, elemental energy, and other low-tier effects in addition to its base functions.
Each of the functions of the Focus can be toggled on or off, including the following options:
• Familiar
• Druid
• Golem
• Seedgrower
• Feeding Fishies
• Collecting Magic (Dummy Portal)
The range of the Focus can be selected as either ten meters, or twenty meters.  In the same nature as the pets that it replaces, it is not intended to be a sim-wide solution.  There is very little benefit to having multiple Focus -- the highest tier will overrule the others; plants have hard-set caps on how often they can benefit from most of the effects that the Focus can perform.
The Focus keeps track of quite a lot of information and will let you know how well it is performing over time.  Clicking the "Info" blue-menu option will display what functions are enabled and disabled, the progress of the Focus, and how many duties it has performed since it began working, and how long it estimates it will take to reach the next Tier.
Because of how much the Focus does, I've built in several hard sleeps between functions so that it doesn't spam your garden's channel.  This may make the menus feel a little slow or lagged while the Focus is performing its duties, which it does every minute or two.  You will see a message in the Focus hovertext while it is performing duties, such as: 〘Prune〙or 〘Water〙.
Operating at Tier-4 • 109 EXP of 22,600 (~15.61 days)

Performing familiar duties!
Performing druid duties!
Performing golem duties!
Performing seedgrower duties!
Not feeding your Fishies!
Not accepting snail magic!

7 plants tended to, 20 weeds plucked, 20 pollen spread
12 water splashed, 12 potting soil added, 3 plants pruned
3 light shined, 2 seeds planted, 4 charcoal distributed
8 mist sprayed, 1 fishies fed, 0 magic accepted
92 total duties performed, 81 food types discovered!
[~0.8 Processes/Minute]

{Papillon} Critical Butterfly Update (18o)!

2020-05-16 14:31:09
Group Notice

The v18n butterfly update has a critical flaw that will cause all chrysalis created to be broken and contain invalid contents that render the cocoon dead.  A v18o update box has been placed down at the store that fixes this problem.  All butterfly that have been updated to v18n need to be updated to this new box, 18o.