Alt. Names Breedable Description Notecard
Alchemist Luminary, Shaman Butterfly

Alchemists behave like psychadelic shrooms (boost mutagenic potential up to their tier in value) 

Alchemist Fairytale {Papillon} Fairytale Information
Alchemist Fish {Papillon} Fishies Information!
Alchemist Snail {Papillon} Snail Information!
Alchemist Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Assassin Foreman Butterfly

These special flutters passively improve the performance of your garden simply by being there, and will sneak up and insta-kill spiders =) Their very presence makes every cog move like a well oiled machine around them. The assassin bonus will apply towards S+ bonus (they passively increase tier, after all, so why not S+ since that's based on tier?) as well, increasing the chances of mutations.

The devious assassins!
Assassin Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Bard Dazzler, Jester Butterfly

Bards sing to your breedable plants and provide them with a special F+ bonus to them and give a small boost to morale and loyalty.

Botanist Snail

Tier+2 Shroom Bonus, Spreads Pollen, and occasionally waters plants and spreads charcoal

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Butterfly Fey, Dragonfly, Firefly, Wisp, Ladybug, Fish, Snail Butterfly

Base class

Caretaker Butterfly

Caretakers increase the speed at which a butterfly can mate.

Caretaker Fish
Caretaker Wisp
Caretaker Fairytale
Cloudseeder Stormchaser, Rainmaker Butterfly

Cloudseeders act like rainclouds, they water the plants. 

Conjurer Fairytale

Conjurers provide fairy food

Culler Wisp
Dazzler Wisp
Dragon Dragonfly

Properties equal to a combined Witch and Wizard.

{Papillon} Dragonfly v18 update!
Dreamer Butterfly

Dreamers “inspire” other flutters, which gives them a boost to all stats and brings their breeding timer down to zero so they are ready to mate right then.  They have an increased chance of breeding out Godparents and Alchemists. Note: Dreamers only help their own species!

Dreamer Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Druid Butterfly

It acts as a dreamer-class butterfly that is able to affect plants, vegetables, and breedable bonsai trees. It also regularly spreads potting soil, water, and charcoal to nearby plants (picks at random), all the while grooming each of the little plants that it visits to be happier and grow up faster.

Ecologist Snail

Tier+2 Mating Speed, Purifies Moon Pools, Prunes Plants, and makes sure that plants get sunlight

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Elemental Firefly

Elementals are infused with powerful magical energy and can give that energy to Embers, increasing the speed at which Embers generate Fairytale Ranks.

{Papillon} Firefly v18 Update!
Enchanter Fairytale

Enchanters (fey) can create magical light (sparking motes of light) and energy (energy pools) for wisps and plants while also enchanting pets around them similarly to dreamers.

Fey Fairytale
Gardener Butterfly

Like workers but have the added benefit of being able to breed plus they work much harder. (Ex. tier-5 gardener would be doing the work of FIVE tier-5 workers.)

The amazing gardeners!
Gardener Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
God Guardian, Magi (Wisp) Butterfly

Godfathers/Godmothers make pets live longer and grow up faster and can grant mating tokens.

God Ladybug
God Fish
God Fairytale
Golem Butterfly

Golems destroy spiders, water, prune, and weed plants, clean fairy moon pools, and collect light/energy to give to wisps and plants.

{Papillon} v17alpha Update
Guardian Wisp

Godfathers/Godmothers make pets live longer and grow up faster and can grant mating tokens.

Illusionist Fairytale

Illusionists act as little fairy fireworks eventually becoming little powerful honeysuckles as their tier raises.

Jester Dragonfly
King/Queen Starling, Lord/Lady Butterfly

Kings and Queens boost loyalty

The Diagnostic Tool shows that Kings (flutters) provide a loyalty bonus equivalent to their tier (L+Tier) and reads 99.9% in regards to longevity, further testing required on Queens

{Papillon} Commercial Release
Lord/Lady Dragonfly
Magi Dragonfly
Magi (Snail) Snail

summons rain clouds, spreads mist, conjures fairy food, and releases energy for Wisps (not to be confused with the Wisp Magi class)

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Marine Snail

acts as a Reaper and grants Tier+1 Morale - Snails feel safer with Marines guarding them

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Mystic Butterfly

Mystics, increase mutation chances, help with morale and loyalty, and...well, get pets into the mood. Their magical mixtures are able to do quite a number of things, and slightly better than the classes that provide similar bonuses.

The Diagnostic Tool shows that Mystics (flutters) provide a morale and loyalty bonus equivalent to their tier (M+Tier/L+Tier)

Tokens and relics and pixie sticks, oh my!
Mystic Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Overseer Snail

Acts Tier+2 Assassin and Tier+1 Loyalty

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Paladin Butterfly

Paladins are a special class that combine aspects of soldiers and priests, and also inspire loyalty in those around them. They're a great menace to spiders, and destroy them in a single stroke, whereas bees and soldiers sometimes take two or three tries to vanquish the villains.

The Diagnostic Tool shows that Paladins (flutters) provide a morale bonus equivalent to half their tier (L+Tier/2) 

The great paladin raffle!
Paladin Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Paragon Butterfly

Acts as a Bard, Priest, Prince, King, Alchemist, and Godfather. As the highest tier of butterfly, Paragons are also able to unlock, on a rare occasion, some of the very rare and otherwise impossible to acquire butterfly classes, such as Assassins, Saints, Mystics, and some of the other classes that are impossible to acquire normally.

Priest(ess) Seeker, Oracle, Medic Butterfly

Priests and Priestesses tend injured butterflies

{Papillon} Commercial Release
Prince(ss) Beacon, Knight Butterfly

Princes and Princesses bolster morale

{Papillon} Commercial Release
Rainmaker Firefly
Reaper Butterfly

Special class that devours spider souls for bonuses.

Tokens and relics and pixie sticks, oh my!
Reaper Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Saint Butterfly

These special flutters provide area-of-effect healing to all of your pets, a special longevity bonus that out-does godparents, enhances the loyalty of all of the pets around them, AND their special holy energy provides light for the breedable plants!

The divine saints!
Saint Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Sentinel Butterfly

Sentinels maintain order within your garden, ensure the healthy growth of babies and the long-life of your pets, and make certain that your pet are operating at...peak efficiency...or else (higher-tier assassin).

{Papillon} v17alpha Update
Shaman Dragonfly
Soldier Culler, Hunter, Trooper Butterfly

Soldiers ward away spiders.

{Papillon} Commercial Release
Specialist Snail

Tons of health benefits and Tier+1 Longevity

{Papillon} Snail Information!
Spectre Wisp

Replaces Zombie class...if you have Zombie on a wisp it will pass but you can no longer randomly get it, you'll get Spectre.

Starling Wisp
Stormchaser Wisp
Tender Fish

The Tender fishie class splashes around in their tanks and spreads rain, mist, and sometimes charcoal (did you know that aquariums use charcoal in their filtration? =)) around in a very large area (100-meter burst).  Because fishies may not be near other plants, the range of this ability and only this ability is much larger than the abilities of other classes.

Please note that Tenders can not mate. If you would like to breed a Tender you must use a relaxation elixir but they will lose the Tender class.

{Papillon} Fishies Information!
Theurge Butterfly

Theurges act as a Special Blossom with a %-bonus equal to their tier. For example, a tier-12 Theurge would act as a 12% Special Blossom.

{Papillon} v16 Change Log
Tinker Dragonfly

Tinkers tend to your accessories and restore tokens. All wisps are innately 5% Worker and 5% Tinker. Dragonfly Tinker's do twice the work that Firefly Tinker's do. They cannot breed.

Vampire/Zombie Butterfly

Vampire/Zombie/Spectre nibble on all of their friends and keep a high F+ bonus to pass along mutations.

Vampire/Zombie Wisp

As of v18 on wisps the Zombie class will no longer be an unlock and is replaced by the "Spectre" class. All existing Zombie classed wisps will still continue to pass the trait. 

Vampire/Zombie Ladybug {Papillon} The dainty ladybugs!
Witch Butterfly

Witch acts as a dreamer combined with an caretaker and godparent. Witches charm those around them, creating the most powerful source of loyalty available.

Witchdoctor Butterfly

Witchdoctors are a very special class that can occasionally reduce the mating timers of a PAIR of pets by 33%, at the same time. If the mating cycle is reduced to the point where they can mate immediately, they also gain a large bonus to their mating. Note: Witchdoctors only help their own species!

{Papillon} v16 Change Log
Wizard Butterfly

Wizard acts as a dreamer combined with an alchemist and godparent. Wizards enchant those around them, creating the most powerful source of morale available.

Worker Butterfly

Workers replenish food sources. They have a relatively short lifespan and cannot mate (except for Ladybugs and Snails). All wisps are innately 5% Worker and 5% Tinker.

{Papillon} Commercial Release