Breedable Version Updater Notes
Agave 15k
  • Dubbly not showing
Alien Flower 18d
Anthurium 15a
Bird of Paradise 16c
Blossom 15a
Bonsai 15s
Butterfly 18q
Carrot 15a
Crystal 15o
Crystal Clusters 18f
Daisy 16c
Double Mushroom 15b
  • info says 16b
Dragonfly 18N
Fairy Mushroom 15b
  • info says 16b
Fairytale 18f

[2019/02/17 15:50]  The fairy v18e update for Theurges is bugged! The fairy children are afflicted with the strange script-not-running-for-no-reason bug that I've been screaming about for a few months now.  A v18f update has been placed in the store to put the little fairy children back to script-running 

Fiddler 18d
Firefly 18j
Fish 18e

EncircledA and EncircledB (Unlocked form runewords) unlock SwirlyA through SwirlyZ (some of the gorgeous layers of the Magic Circles)

FireworksA, FireworksB, Boom, and Pow should unlock in July.
TeaseA through TeaseJ should unlock in October.
OrnamentA through OrnamentF should unlock in December.

pygmy and gargantuan are possible in this update
Pygmy unlock from dwarf
pygmy grant +1% mutation chance

ii Mutations are fixed (Runii, Symbollii, Circii and Runic) (Unlocked from Rune*)

Known Bugs:

[ ] Monster Body does not resize fish (was working now isn't)

[ ] BPetal's Fins are Tinting when they shouldn't be.

[ ]Shine is broken on Gemstone and Glass, I believe the body texture needs to be set to Alpha mode: None (then the whole body used to be shiny and not just the eyes)

[ ] BhalloweenB are coloring pure black, updating and re-rezing doesn't fix it. (not a shading issue since other colors have been tested)

[ ]Dorsal Fins On FzebraB and FZebraC are the same as FZebraA 

[ ]Dorsal Fins on FNeonB Though FNeonE have the same dorsal fin as NeonA

[ ]Sparkles Effect is Oversized on mondos

[ ]Bubbles effect is oversized on mondos too

[ ] StarsC & StarsD Effect are not showing/broken

[ ] Fish not forgetting Bonuses after being re-rezed.

Frond 15e
  • info says 16e
Glowshroom 18d
Ladybug 18d
Lily 15a
Magic Circles 18f
Melon 15c
  • Diamond shows tomato texture
Orchid 15a
Patch 15b
  • info says 16b
Pumpkin 15w
Rose 15a
Sand Dollar 15o
Shell 16d
Single Mushroom 15b
  • info says 16b
Snail 18m
Snellit n/a
Strawberry 15a
Sunflower n/a
Tiger Lily

.[04:53] {Papillon} An/Gia/Nor/Lil/+/Sunset Plant: ERR_FAILURE NO_READY

Tomato 15a
Tulip 15a
Wisp 18g