A special daisy!

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A pretty daisy!: 
I'm a Newborn daisy  [10m]!
Right now I'm Happy!
I change my mood every few minutes!

When I'm happy I shed light!
When I'm sad I cry water!
When I'm mad I scare pets!
When I'm silly I sing to your garden!
When I'm helpful I work in your garden!
When I'm loving I help take care of your pets!
When I'm cheerful I make everyone else happy!
When I'm energetic I produce lots of energy!

EXP: 1 of 400

[18:53] Butterfly Bellflower: There are four special ones that can reach 'Fairytale' status and have a bigger buff than the pretty daisys.
[18:53] Butterfly Bellflower: They can all be sim-wide though.
[18:53] Butterfly Bellflower: Yes, one is 'pretty daisy' and the other is 'special daisy' and has an extra leaf.