Rain Cloud (New)

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[13:38] {Papillon} Rain Cloud: I provide Rain (every 10 minutes), Mist (every 15 minutes), and Water (every 30 minutes) to plants/veggies within 20-Meters!
[13:38] {Papillon} Rain Cloud: Cloud is now hidden!  Click again to make me visible!

[17:14] Butterfly Bellflower: Water is an immediate effect.  Rain creates a gradual, over-time effect.  Rain is nice because it continues to function for a long time and if the plant keeps receiving rain, the rain continues to tick inside of it.
[17:19] Butterfly Bellflower: Mist is the Misting Bottle.  It provides a lot of different benefits to plants based on the color that it's being given.  All of the clouds and such that release mist release a gray-color, which is a small boost to several things.
[17:22] Butterfly Bellflower: I need to make a notecard at some point showing what the mist does, because it affects its mood, reproductive speed, mutation chance, light-based bonuses, the speed that it gets weeds, the chance of instantly creating a seedling, etc.
[17:23] Butterfly Bellflower: Other pets get a bonus mating cycle from Longevity.  Plants have no mating cap, so instead they have a chance of instantly producing a seedling.  Mist affects that chance.  Sometimes you might get two seedlings back to back within a few hours just because of mist.
[17:36] Butterfly Bellflower: Rain cloud has been around a long time.
[17:36] Butterfly Bellflower: There just wasn't a sim-wide one before.
[17:37] Butterfly Bellflower: The one from the rewards card is old.  It doesn't do mist.
[17:37] Butterfly Bellflower: I combined Mist into this one so that people with a misting sprayer and misting helper out don't need them.

{Papillon} Giant Rain Cloud [Eternal, Sim-Wide] version also available.