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Provides F+8 (TREE1 thru TREE8) every 5-10 minutes and  provides Tier-4 (once random every minute): A tricky treat!A Very Special Blossom (5%)Alien OrchidBee Hive, Butterfly Worker, Creepy Treat,  Crystal, Enchanted SphereGardening HoeHelpful BirdyHollow Log, Hungry Birdie, Longevity PoolMisting Helper!, Mote of LightPlant Misting Bottle!Psychaedelic Shroom, Rain CloudSocial ShroomSparkling Energy PoolSpring!, Sugar Crystal Cluster, Firefly KingVibrant SparklerWarming Stones, Water SprayerWeeding Tool

[20:01] {Papillon} Omni-Accessory: I provide sim-wide boosts, bonuses, and food to your entire garden every 5-10 minutes!

Also recognizes honey suckles: [20:11] {Papillon} Omni-Accessory: Honeysuckles found!  Providing sweet nectar to your garden!