Low Mutation% Booster (20-meter)

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It maintains maximum mating speed and necessary food for mating without all of the other bonuses that create mutations, allowing for separate gardens designed to pass traits instead of creating new mutations.


[18:43] Butterfly Bellflower: The low mutation% is part of a tree -- the part that accelerates mating and provides longevity and bonus mating cycles.  And the minimum of food necessary to reproduce.
 [18:44] Butterfly Bellflower: You put it in a garden on its own away from other boosters and it will help transfer classes and mutations, without risking getting new mutations because of high M+/L+/S+.
 [18:44] Butterfly Bellflower: Normally in your garden you have huge bonuses.  Those huge bonuses mean new mutations and unlocks.  BUT, sometimes some people just want to pass a troublesome class.  Paragon, for example.  And they don't want it mutating into a bard or something silly.
 [18:44] Butterfly Bellflower: So they use a low mutation% garden to help that out.
 [18:45] Butterfly Bellflower: That's really all it's for.  It won't give you anything new -- it's for passing on what you already have.