Large Never-Ending Agave

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Description: Endless nutrition!

Group Notice:  As a thank you to everyone that has supported the store lately, I have placed some never-ending agave into the gift stockings. Many of our  new breeders never got a chance to get their hands on a never-ending pumpkin, so here's an alternative!  The small one affects a 20-meter burst, the large ones affect a 50-meter burst...and there are a few grand never-ending agave that affect an entire sim =)

[17:34] Butterfly Bellflower: It provide a small amount of nutrition% to your garden every hour. Nutrition% is an extra amount of mutation% added to offspring that can allow them to exceed the 20% base cap. [17:35] Butterfly Bellflower: It's the same as treating a seedling to your pets, but it does it every hour or so.