A Fairy Focus

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A Fairy Focus requires a Drop of Fairy Magic (available next to the Focus vendor for L$299) in order to initialize, like many magical products.
The Focus is designed to allow you to have access to low-tier benefits without having to invest in lots of prims and scripts for golems, druids, seedgrowers, familiars, and similar accessories/pets that benefit the plants.  It will NOT, however, replace the obvious benefit to having high-tier pets that would otherwise be doing those jobs.  The base tier of the Focus is Tier-4, and can grow up to Tier-8 over time, but will never exceed that cap.  However, after Tier-8 it will unlock other functions such as generating light, magic, elemental energy, and other low-tier effects in addition to its base functions.
Each of the functions of the Focus can be toggled on or off, including the following options:
• Familiar
• Druid
• Golem
• Seedgrower
• Feeding Fishies
• Collecting Magic (Dummy Portal)
The range of the Focus can be selected as either ten meters, or twenty meters.  In the same nature as the pets that it replaces, it is not intended to be a sim-wide solution.  There is very little benefit to having multiple Focus -- the highest tier will overrule the others; plants have hard-set caps on how often they can benefit from most of the effects that the Focus can perform.
The Focus keeps track of quite a lot of information and will let you know how well it is performing over time.  Clicking the "Info" blue-menu option will display what functions are enabled and disabled, the progress of the Focus, and how many duties it has performed since it began working, and how long it estimates it will take to reach the next Tier.
Because of how much the Focus does, I've built in several hard sleeps between functions so that it doesn't spam your garden's channel.  This may make the menus feel a little slow or lagged while the Focus is performing its duties, which it does every minute or two.  You will see a message in the Focus hovertext while it is performing duties, such as: 〘Prune〙or 〘Water〙.
Operating at Tier-4 • 109 EXP of 22,600 (~15.61 days)

Performing familiar duties!
Performing druid duties!
Performing golem duties!
Performing seedgrower duties!
Not feeding your Fishies!
Not accepting snail magic!

7 plants tended to, 20 weeds plucked, 20 pollen spread
12 water splashed, 12 potting soil added, 3 plants pruned
3 light shined, 2 seeds planted, 4 charcoal distributed
8 mist sprayed, 1 fishies fed, 0 magic accepted
92 total duties performed, 81 food types discovered!
[~0.8 Processes/Minute]