Enchanted Moon

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[23:28] {Papillon} Enchanted Moon: I provide Light (every 10 minutes), Energy (for wisps, every 15 minutes), and Full-Mutation Chance (Tier-5 Theurge, every 30 minutes) to your entire sim!

[23:28] {Papillon} Enchanted Moon: I am now visible!  Click me again to make me disappear!
[23:28] {Papillon} Enchanted Moon: I am now hidden!  Click me again to make me reappear!

[19:55] Butterfly Bellflower: If you really want the crazy magical sun and moon that I doodled, they're for sale too.  They do the exact same thing as the Sunshine does though, so you definitely don't need them.
[20:01] Butterfly Bellflower: The sunshine/enchanted moon/ensorcelled sun just provide light/energy/full-mutation chance. Like a sparkling energy pool + 5% blossom.
[20:00] i need moon , what it does?
[20:01] Butterfly Bellflower: Not necessary at all, most of you already have sparkling pool and 5% out.
[20:02] both do the same?
[20:03] Butterfly Bellflower: All three of them do the same.  I'm not making a bunch of stuff that people feel like they have to buy.