A Delicious Chocolate Strawberry

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Expendable very high treat (M/L+50, S+15, F+10). If not clicked, it's gives wisps energy and hands out chocolate strawberry food every hour to everything in the 20m range.

Diagnostic Tool: (Treat/On-Click)
[19:26] {Papillon} A Delicious Chocolate Strawberry: Handing out the strawberry treats! [M/L+50, S+15, F+10]
Butterfly: M+50/L+50/F+10/S+0

Base Mutation Chance: 1.800% (up from 0.80%) 
10 Food Sources Reported
15-Tier Motivation (Assassin)
Morale  +50 (Treat)
Loyalty +50 (Treat)
0 Candy/Sugar distributed last hour (1 current)

Rezzed - After a period of time... but requires more testing... diagnostic tool only registered 1 food source.
Butterfly: M+7/L+0/F+1/S+0
Wisp: M+0/L+0/F+7/S+0
Fairytale:  M+0/L+0/F+1/S+0