Big Composting Pile

Primary tabs

The composting pile can be used to turn seedlings into Charcoal, Potting Soil, and Veggy-Shake treats for your pets.  Seedlings can be placed into the composting pile, and over time (one seedling per 15 seconds), it will create tokens.
When you have 5.0  or more tokens the Composting Pile can be clicked to spend 5.0 Tokens on either Potting Soil, Charcoal, or a Veggy-Shake Treat for your v17+ pets.  Potting Soil significantly increases the maturity of baby plants, Charcoal helps them grow and reproduce better, while Veggy-Shakes gives a (1.5% to 7.5%) Veggy Treat to your pets.
The Composting Pile affects a 20-meter area around it when it is distributed.
The Big Composting Pile from the Gift Server affects a 50-meter area around it!